Sociopath Media report – 15th October, 2015


By Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

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The Study of Gators and more

Another day, another basement agitator decides to start a blog. ‘The Institute for the Study of War’ sounds really formal and important, when in fact, the blog is yet another Bellingcat-esque botch-job. Genevieve Casagrande and Jodi Brignola are two ‘writers’ on the blog, let’s do some digging:

  • Genevieve Casagrande

Yes this is essential geopolitical experience

Even better, Gators clubs are everywhere in Syria! 

Well it is obvious where this is going… 

Oh Dubai! Hilary will be so pleased! 

Nuclear proliferation in the Levant.. Hmm… which country could that benefit that aligns with the Emirates… 

Syrian Transition Options workshops in Zurich… 

The Jimmy Carter Centre, yes, a very neutral influence in Syria…

  • Jodi Brignola

Oh wow, using Zotero to fill spreadsheets, that’s awesome!

Czech-german relations, yes, very applicable to Syria 

Microsoft Office…

At this point it’s quite obvious what has happened here. Two american bimbos have resorted to intern-slavery in order to fulfil cyber-imperialism. We’re sure Dubai treats them well, as long as they don’t criticise the government…

Make your mind up Charles

It is a rather frequent occurrence that the State Department Twitter embeds receive conflicting information, or rather, they make stuff up and have to backpedal like a caught-in-the-act spouse. Here we see Mr Lister’s information that a ‘moderate’ group has left another ‘moderate’ group, only for Charles to see that he has embarrassed himself once again. Apparently Jabhat al-Nusra ‘mediated’ the issue. Whether that was with an Ak47 or not we’ll never know, but judging by their ‘mediation’ with Syrian civilians, blood will have been shed. What is most likely is that none of this ever happened, because Charles is sat in a room in Qatar. 

CNN has company…

The New York Times has joined CNN in the illustrious ‘geography epicfails’ alumni, with an absolute howler. Here they try to illustrate the former Soviet Republics, and marks will be given for showing Crimea, but Syria? Oh Dear… It’s okay though because there are 2 interns we know who can help amend the map using Microsoft Paint and Excel knowledge… 

Troll level = 0

This tweet could of been much more convincing if Abdurahman had actually provided evidence to back up his claims, instead he fell at the first hurdle. A quick look at his profile shows his head-chopping, organ-eating FSA-allegiance. 

It seems he requires a new glasses prescription, as he is unable to see, all the way from Washington, the Russian Airforce destroying almost all of ISIS’ equipment. He seems to  think that the ‘moderates’ and the Russian airforce are in competition to violate International Law, despite the Russian Ministry of Defence releasing hours of raid footage since October 1st. 

Explosive Excitement

According to Bassam Jaara, there was an explosion at the Russian Airforce base in Tartous this evening. Sources close to Bassam Jaara are quoted as saying “Mr Jaara refused to take his medication this evening, and after running around the ward shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’, the nurse had no choice but to inject him with a gallon of Diazepam”.  

When Bassam wakes up he will realise how stupid he looks  when not even Fox news can fabricate evidence for his one… Upon further research, this ‘explosion’ was a hoax that the Jihadi fanboys fell for hook, line and stinker. 

The Blind Witness

According to their website, The Syrian Observer is coordinated by a man called Wael Sawah:

Rinse and repeat:

I wonder if he knows Victoria Nuland?

More like ‘The day after the night before’…

Beware of anything that has ‘Syria’ and ‘Observer’ in its title!


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