Sociopath Media report – 17th October, 2015


by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

It’s not aggressive when ‘we’ do it

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When it comes to ‘colour revolutions’, the Western media is the undisputed champion at doing its job. The coverage is pre-prepared by the State Department and distributed to all major three-letter networks, who grab their ankles when the cameras roll. Below is an example of when the stars don’t exactly align:

It’s no secret (to those with a brain) that Moldova, like the majority of Europe, is home to a US puppet, with Transnistria offering resistance to the move towards EU-membership. But of course, the Western media don’t want the average person in the street to know that. Instead, it’s much easier to run with the ‘Kremlin-Bot’ narrative. 

The crocodile turned, smiled, laughed, and swallowed the villain Barmaley like a fly.

Blessing in disguise

At first glance the picture above appears to show an Orthodox Priest giving a laser-guided missile a blessing before it is dispatched to a Takfiri-camp in the Syrian desert. Except, the picture in reality has nothing to do with Syria. It was taken during Russian Airforce Day, 7 weeks before Russia started its bombing campaign. It would appear the article is trying to smear the Orthodox Church, and tie it to the false “Putin is bombing civilians” narrative. With the West using Islam like a pawn to satisfy its masters in Tel Aviv, it doesn’t care if Christianity is sacrificed with it.

A dig at the failure that is ‘Obamacare ‘

CNN & maps do not go together

In this instance, CNN do not opt for the geography calamity, instead choosing to manipulate the graphic to totally ignore the areas that Russia is bombing. They go as far as admitting Jabhat al-Nusra is in Syria in the graphic on the left, but that’s where the honesty stops.  They then remove JaN’s presence in the graphic on the right. Oh no! Revealing the Russian Airforce is decimating their presence would be catastrophic for the narrative! 

Meanwhile in Coventry…

Bellingcat-clone ‘The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights’, also ran from a couch in England, is spinning facts so fast it could provide electricity to the whole of England. On the 16th October an article was ran entitled ‘About 20 million and half killed, and wounded since the beginning of the Syrian Revolution’. First, notice the word ‘about’, meaning a made-up figure, then notice the word ‘revolution’, the famous US colour revolution wrapper. But for some reason, the article was later edited, with ‘20‘ being substituted with ‘2‘. This isn’t simply a typo – the figures in the entire article were changed to accommodate the new figure. With this clown, Charles Lister in Qatar, Eliot Higgins at Bellingcat, Julian Röpcke at Bild & Michael Weiss at Daily Beast, we have Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest, Dummy & GTFO. 



Speaking of which…

We at Sociopath Media would be as rich as Igor Kolomoisky if €1 was given every time Michael Weiss embarrassed himself. On this occasion, giving us another chance to witness a State Department train-wreck, Michael claims that North Korea was involved in a cyberwar in Syria. A cyberwar with whom? Surely Capitol Hill would have made a statement or something Michael? We’re not buying what you are selling Sir, it’s almost certainly white powder…

Kafranbel – More flags than the UN

The immediate question to ask these subordinate flag-wavers is who is paying for all the banners they display?! They seem to have a new one daily; it must be coming out of Michael Weiss’ salary. The problem is that the FSA don’t exist, they are a total phantom group. Without the FSA, the Sarin Gas false-flag, back in 2011, would have been impossible to set up. A group was needed to receive the Saudi deliveries from Turkey and use it in Ghouta. They are not an army or a ‘militia’, they are not even cyber-warriors. They are a landing pad for US supply drops and CIA-trained mercenaries, who then ‘defect’ to groups like Al-Nusra with their weapons. This is a tried and tested method used in Afghanistan in the 1980’s, but unfortunately for Washington, this is one ‘regime’ change too many. In the meantime, Russia will continue to troll the West by asking for contact details and, in general, cooperation with the phantom group. Don’t hold your breath… (actually, do if your name starts with ‘John’ and ends in ‘Mccain’).

Who are you again?

Here we have hack Lebanese politician, Walid Joumblatt, a US-puppet, attempting to be witty by creating an amalgamation of Bashar Al-Assad’s father and Vladimir Putin. The joke is really on him as he thinks Assad is to blame for the rise of ISIS, and Al-Nusra are not terrorists. What a moron. 

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