Sociopath Media report – 18th October, 2015


by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

You’re Havana laugh

Fox News just haven’t mastered the art of making their lies appear to have even the thinnest layer of credibility, but then again, being in America, they don’t need to. Quite what they were thinking with this one is anyone’s guess, but they ran with it regardless:

Top Cuban general, key forces in Syria to aid Assad, Russia, sources say

Within a few hours the ‘rumour’ were dismissed, first by Cuba:

Havana denies talk of Cuban troops in Syria

And then by the White House:

White House: ‘no evidence’ that Cuban troops are fighting in Syria

It must have been a mega-boring day in the office for Newscorp to spit out such a weak ‘rumour’. Next they’ll be saying there is Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq… Here is a good summary blog ripping the tabloid-worthy story to shreds:

2 birds with 1 zionist

Please spare a thought at this time for Mr Michael Weiss, writer for the very reliable Daily Beast. He is an avid Russiaphobe and a Zionist to boot, and with things transpiring like they have, life must be really tough for him. Assad with his barrel bombs, Putin with his genocide and now Iran with its imperialism. 

Nah, just kidding. I hope Putin personally drags him from his desk and ties him to a Mi-28 hovering over Lake Placid. On a side note, with the sanctions on Iran now officially lifted, watch the Israeli’s spit their pacifier out asking for more US ‘aid’. 

50 Shades of State Department pay

Two of the biggest plagues on humanity in the post-modern world united together to facilitate the creation of this Daily Beast article:

She Kills People From 7,800 Miles Away

Firstly, why has the drone, an inanimate object, been assigned a name? Secondly, why is the drone flying the flag for feminism? Thirdly, how many amphetamines were consumed to produce this sack of potatoes? This isn’t the first time the Daily Beast has DUI’d on the interwebz – neither is it the first time they have combined war crimes with feminism:

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Please, just stop.

A reminder…

There is an old article on the Brookings Institution website, with the title ‘Why Assad is Losing’. Who could have authored that? Hmm… Any ideas? Let’s take a look:

Fast forward 5 months, and Charles Lister looks like a total clown. Assad most certainly hasn’t shared power with Al Qaeda, and he most certainly isn’t losing. But it’s worth remembering what Charlie-boy said, because an Al-Qaeda coup is EXACTLY what Washington wanted, and that’s EXACTLY what Russia has prevented. The reason why Libya was allowed to fall into darkness is unknown at this point, most likely a sacrifice that had to be made to stand victorious in Syria/Iraq. But as we know from Islamic Eschatology, Syria is a very important country and one that Russia will not be prepared to compromise on. 

Quick Fail

Absolute muppet.

Stroboscopic Stupidity 

After Julian was unable to understand how helicopter blades work, it is clear that his interpretation skills leave a lot to be desired. Here he throws out a link to a 42 second video clip, which shows a SU-30 doing a 360 in the sky. Unless Sociopath Media is due an eye exam, which is possible due to the long-term exposure to embarrassing fails, the clip shows no explosions or detonations. He is grasping at paper-thin straws at this point. 

In addition to the above fail, Julian had the audacity to question a Journalist in Syria from his desk in Germany:

Star Spangled Bonehead

The following sequence of Tweets will send the reader on a journey into the deepest depths of hell. Firstly, Jeb claims that America was ‘attacked’. That’s lie #1. Secondly, George, his brother, is responsible for 1,000,000 dead Iraqi’s alone. That, if anything, would provoke more ‘attacks’. So that’s lie #2.

Now we move onto the second Tweet. “Destabalize”? Does his smartphone have a spellchecker enabled? Should someone running for presidency need such a thing?  The rest though is good ‘banter’, and is an epic troll attempt. 

We have arrived at the scene of the car crash. This World of Warcraft lover has totally failed to mention the time when Donald Rumsfeld gave Iraq  “Pesticide” chemical weapons, which would later be used on Iran and the Kurds.  And as for the ‘rolled into Syria’ part… NURSE!!!!!

Blah Blah Company

There is a widely used disclaimer which states an employer doesn’t always represent the views of his employee. In this instance, that disclaimer can be tossed in the bin. As a repeat guest on Sociopath Media, Steve Rosenberg is a vile vile man. Hollywood has produced some of the greatest blockbusters to date, including ISIS beheadings, World War 2 propaganda, Native American mockeries and whitewashes of the Maiden ‘revolution’. To suggest Russia is the first to produce war-related cinematography is a rib-tickler. 

Sorry not sorry for the nudity, Feminism must be shamed along with the FSA and the Putsch Kiev regime

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