Sociopath Media report – 19th October, 2015


by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

Internship Pentagon-style

This Zionist rag requires no introduction, as the vast majority of Sociopath Media reports call it out on its propaganda. The graphic embedded in this article is CNN worthy, and will probably fool the majority of gullible folk from San Diego to Baltimore. There is no mention of Al-Qaeda in the info-graphic but puts the US and the Saudi’s on the same side as ISIS. The Land of Exceptionalism and cartoons are a deadly cocktail that not even a hardened Scotsman would endeavour to stir. 

The Phantom Jihadi

Let’s be as blunt as possible here: Jihadi John does NOT exist. He was invented by the British propaganda-merchants to emotionally tie the British public to the war in Syria. Think about it: they know this guy’s name and location every 6 months (via Murdoch’s tabloids) but couldn’t see the infamous convoy of Toyota’s roaming the Iraq desert? Get outta here. And of course, the Daily Mail, the pro-royal/colonialism birdcage liner, throws his name out when they get bored of Kim Kardashian  to stir the social-tension pot. I ain’t buyin’ cos you ain’t tryin’. 


Whilst this article is not totally toxic, it still is hurting more than it is helping. To declare Russia and only Russia has a ‘troll army’ is just nonsense in the extreme. If one recognises that U.S. dropped Agent Orange in Vietnam, for example, does that make them a ‘troll’ for mentioning it? And why is U.S. spying on people in the first place? The article gives away in various sections what it is trying to achieve:

Right now, foreign investigators are probing parts from what might be a Russian-made Buk antiaircraft missile system that were recently discovered near the crash site, according to CNN. 

Russia shot down MH17 blah blah blah… Citing CNN on MH17 is like citing Saudi Arabia for Human Rights (oops, this is awkward…). 

Inform Napalm – Mafia hitlists 

One may recall the website Inform Napalm as being behind the original hit-list for people who are pro-Novorossiya. The list included Poroshenko-critic Oles Buzina, who was actually murdered outside his house. This website, incidentally, using a simple Ping command, was tracerouted to NATO servers. Inform Napalm has now ventured into Syria, by publishing a list of so called ‘Russian pilots flying in Syria’. It seems the Banderite masses have sided with ISIS and Al Qaeda, just to spite Russia. The list however should be approached with severe scepticism, since the names of pilots are classified, it is unlikely that these nerds have managed to obtain them.

Yet another shill from the UK

The tedious Twitter pest ‘Malcolmite’ latches himself/herself onto anything pro-Assad, all the way from England. Of course, Eliot Higgins will be a familiar name to him, as he will most likely live in the semi-detached pre-fabricated rats nest next door. To shoot this clown down, just show him the photos circulating the web of the Takfiri corpses littering Aleppo and now Damascus. The main giveaway for Malcolmite is this part:


Basically, every country/leader the U.S-Israeli alliance views as a ‘threat’. Why not throw in China/Cuba/Kim Jong Un to complete the list?

Sarin Gas? I’ll pass…

Matthew Van Dyke was part of the Sarin Gas hoax to ‘justify’ Uncle Sam’s Syrian invasion. He has fought in the Middle East and has openly admitted he helped train ‘moderates’. He released a propaganda documentary back in 2011 to setup ‘Operation remove Assad’, but sadly for him, Ted Postal et al were at hand to debunk the chemical weapons fabrications. It’s interesting to see his role evolve as the war escalates, where it is as plain as day that he is a NGO-puppet. 

Business inside a… State Department office

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Woah, hold on Business Insider! “Kremlin officials admit Russia initially lied about its aims in Syria“? Oh do continue…

Although Russia initially said it intervened in Syria to help defeat ISIS, the campaign has mostly targeted other rebel groups. 

Hmm, no. Russia went to the UN, talked about how US had violated International Law, and how it was time to respect the UN Charter.  They then proceeded to target all groups who were fighting against the Syrian Arab Army, which was again, stated prior to the start of the campaign. You don’t like your ‘moderates’ being smashed to smithereens? Tough. Get over it. 

And Russian officials have admitted that Moscow’s intervention in Syria is focused on bolstering Syrian President Bashar al-Assad with the end goal of giving the outside world a choice between Assad or ISIS, Bloomberg Business reports. 

We are now into the second paragraph, and already, the lies are unbearable. Timeout! Russia was invited by Assad, stop crying and get a real job. 

Rebels = ISIS

DW conveys Germany as a nation rooted in European culture and as a liberal, democratic state based on the rule of law. DW is known for its in-depth, reliable news and information and promotes exchange and understanding between the world’s cultures and people. Deutsche Welle also provides access to the German language.

Making its debut for Sociopath Media, Deutsche Welle (DW) gives us a very good article. What we mean by this is that all one has to do is substitute the word ‘rebels‘ with ‘ISIS ‘and the article makes sense. It will be a good day when ISIS is demolished so we don’t have to witness this phantom-FSA charade anymore.

Maintaining the Deutschland theme, Sociopath Media is ashamed to present ‘ArtWendeley‘. He is a fully-blown Assad-hater, and loves the barrel bombs. Here we can see him caught with his hand in the jar:

Furthermore, we can see him attempt to mimic what we do here at Sociopath Media:

Here is a question for him: Why do refugees either flee Syria entirely or move to government-controlled areas – why do they NEVER move to ‘moderate’ controlled areas?

Oh wait, Carl Bildt has an answer for us…

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