Sociopath Media report – 20th October, 2015


By Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

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FSA-lobbyist from Washington DC, Tyler Jess Thompson, might want to brush up on his arabic, after this deliberate mistranslation:

According to this shrimp, “collective punishment against an entire town is a war crime”, referring to #2 on the list. Assad has made it quite clear that any town that is aiding and abetting the terrorists is considered part of the operations. He continues “I’d say Assad has a bigger problem with that difference than me. He targets markets, hospitals, and schools. Fair game?”. Where are the photos, Tyler, of said allegations? Why was nothing said by anyone, other than USA, at the United Nations General Assembly? That’s because it’s 100% LIES.

Another al-Sham

It is unknown at this point how much an FSA-lobbyist gets paid, or if they get paid at all. It is more alarming to imagine that they do it free of charge. But something must be causing this type of shoe-size-IQ behavior. Hadi Alabdallah thinks its pretty neat that the Abu Amara Battalions merged with Ahrar al-Sham. For those not familiar with the different brands of ‘moderates’, it is Al Qaeda merging with Al Qaeda. 

As we can see from their ‘press conference’, they are a force to be reckoned with. Putin is quaking in his boots at the thought of confronting 48 masked terrorists, 2 tanks, 1 APC, 4 pick-ups, a machine gun & 2 laptops. Hey, do you guys get Wifi all the way out there? What data plan is your dongle on? They probably got Microsoft Word off Pirate Bay for sure.  

Deja Vu 

Well, here we are again, on a Sociopath Media report, highlighting an instance where Reuters has lied:

         Three Russians killed in Syria: pro-government source

Rami Abdulrahman, head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights which monitors the conflict, told Reuters that his sources in the area had confirmed the deaths of Russians, but did not have a figure. He said he believed they were not regular Russian forces but volunteers.

It was no surprise that the Ukrainian media decided to cash in on the fake story:

A few hours later, the MoD stepped in:

Russian Defense Ministry Says No Casualties Among Russian Forces in Syria

Case closed, next!

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Grab a napkin, you just got SERVED!

It appears that others have also had enough of the State Department’s pot-stirring, and are now going for the throat of the main offenders. Here, Michael Weiss gets K.O’d:

The War Nerd: Bombed Stupid

“Michael Weiss is an idiot. No, I mean even by the standards of American punditry.” 

Shots fired! The article goes on to put the no-good crook in his place, which is probably as a waiter in McDonalds. Gary Brecher – we at Sociopath Media salute you sir, for your services to propaganda pwn’ing. 

Stop resisting, you terrorist!

The Telegraph, or as it is better known in the UK, The Torygraph, is owned by the famous Barclay brothers. Now that the UK Labour Party has a new leader, an anti-war one at that, the Telegraph’s job is to smear him like a swatted fly. But this article ticked two State Department boxes – it smeared Corbyn, and also spewed out disinformation regarding the definition of a ‘Terrorist’. 

Jeremy Corbyn appoints top advisor who once defended terrorism

Jeremy Corbyn has appointed a senior aide who defended terrorists and praised the “armed resistance” which killed British soldiers in Iraq.

  1. The ‘British Soldiers’ were illegal occupiers, and are, in coordination with US troops, responsible for 1,000,000 dead Iraqi’s. 
  2. Apparently, defending against an illegal invasion earns you the label of ‘terrorist’. That means the Native Americans and the Irish were ‘Terrorists’.

I can guess The Telegraph headline for the tweet below – “Communist plot to destroy democracy”

Sectarian Stupidity 

How to write FSA propaganda 101:

  1. Use the word ‘regime’ to project the image of a government led by a megalomaniac.
  2. Accuse the ‘regime’ of ‘sectarianism’, even though it is the US-backed proxies that are guilty of ‘sectarian’ violence. 
  3. Accuse ‘regime’ allies of ‘racism’, even though Turkey, an ISIS ally, is on a psychotic mission to ethnically cleanse the Kurds. 

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