Sociopath Media report – 22nd October, 2015


by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

Double dose of the Beast

Honestly, Sociopath Media could produce a daily report on the Daily Beast’s articles alone. Two recent examples will have to suffice for now, both as toxic as each other. First we have a very deliberate attempt at red-baiting. Jeremy Corbyn is not fit to lace the boots of a soviet politician, despite his leftist appeal. Compared to the current bunch of crooks in London, he appears far-left, but in reality, he is nothing like a Lenin or Stalin. But since he presents a threat to the current vote-for-war paradigm, he must be smeared. So it comes as no surprise that the Lamestream media has jumped on his recent appointment of a leftist coal-mining representative Seumas Milne as a strategy and communications director. This polemic of the left-wing shows how desperate the war-mongering neocons are to cling on to public opinion:

New Labour Party PR Chief Is a Soviet Apologist

Another shameless Soviet-troll-trap that caught our eye was this one ran by The Spectator:

Back in the USSR: Jeremy Corbyn hires Seumas Milne

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The piece-of-trash article whines about Ukraine with the usual trigger word: “invade“. A trend can be seen from the International Space Station: anti-war persons will be smeared.

Moving on to more pressing issues, The Daily Beast has copied all the other State Department rags and tried to depict Assad as a kindergarten that requires parenting:

Assad Comes to Daddy in Moscow

“Assad’s public visit to Moscow to stroke Putin’s ego is not surprising given Moscow’s efforts to prop up the Syrian regime,” one U.S. intelligence official told The Daily Beast. “That said, it is interesting that Assad visited Moscow first—instead of Tehran—and that he left Syria in the midst of the regime’s largest counteroffensive in months.”

Come on, let us be honest here, no ‘US official’ contacted you. That quote came straight from Michael Weiss’ pea-sized brain. They are stomping their feet because Assad isn’t going anywhere, and the US is too pathetic to square up to Russia. They may have produced results in Libya, but this time around, they have royally screwed up. 

Lebanese Whispers

Leith Fadel, a good friend of Fort Russ, publishes daily reports on the developments in Syria, doing an honest public service, which, naturally, upsets the State Department trolls. With this tweet, he trolls the bedroom reporters in an epic manner. The geographical names he gives are purely fictional, and translate as “Bullshit hill, Stupid hill & Shit hill captured”. ‘Mark’ falls for this epic prank and, consequently, looks like an absolute moron. The reply by ‘Rebel44’ will finish you off – comedy gold!

We invade it, then evade it

Just wow. The pot not only calls the kettle black here, he paints it head to toe. He even has the balls to mention Napoleon.  

First, although difficult times certainly lie ahead for Russia in Syria, Putin’s intervention will make the conflict more destructive, destabilizing, and intractable, hence more detrimental to all parties. Second, the way Moscow defines success in Syria is hardly comparable to the stabilization-oriented approach adopted by the United States-led coalition in Iraq. Instead, by trying to destroy mainstream insurgents, Putin aims to reshape the Syrian war in a way that would leave Western countries with no other option than to supplement Russia as the protector of Assad. 

How will Putin’s ‘intervention’ make it more ‘destructive’? He was invited by the democratically-elected government. ISIS was created by the USA, so how can killing ISIS make things worse? The comment about U.S. in Iraq is the exact polar opposite of what happened. Most Iraqi’s will state that life was much much better under Saddam, so how killing him and raising ISIS can be described as ‘stabilisation’ is a severe head-scratcher. The rest of the article, like all those featured on Sociopath Media, is pure junk when taken seriously, and is detriment to the readers IQ. 

Bounty for Roth

The novelty value of Ken’s troll ‘opinions’ is wearing very very thin. There is still NO evidence which shows Assad dropping barrel bombs, but there is PLENTY showing the White Helmets working side-by-side with Al Qaeda. It is also a FACT that MOST flee towards government controlled areas or out of Syria entirely. The ‘moderates’ WILL behead them and then use their houses as barracks. Ken links us to Foreign Policy magazine – the official outlet for the Council on Foreign Relations – which is yet more pro-war aim-your-missiles-at-Russia-philic material. Ken must have dementia or something similar causing him to think in such a brain-dead way. 

Re-joyce at payday

Al Arabiya + Washington DC = puppet. Joyce can use that on her gravestone if she likes. When not protecting the gulf’s head-chopping ways, she likes to warp history in a manner akin to Netanyahu. ‘Hezbollah terror’ really means ‘Resistance to U.S-Israeli hegemony’. Joyce wont talk about the theft of the Golan Heights and the constant arming of Israel with a blind-eye to its illegal nuclear programme. Hezbollah is currently destroying Qatar’s proxies in the Qalamun Mountains,  which is probably why Joyce got the call one morning to earn  his pay cheque. 

Analysis from Washington? Pass.

There are some very good accounts on Twitter which Sociopath Media recommends to follow – Hussein Ibish isn’t one of them. His bio reads: “Senior Resident Scholar at the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington”. Already the recommendation by Christian Turner is sounding like a dud. Let us now take a look at his blog:

Latest post: “ISIL survives because all its enemies have other priorities”. It should be clear now where this biped gets his orders from.

Oh look – it’s Malcolmite!  Wait, what are you doing here Christian Turner? Oh, I see…

Ich bin State Department

Sociopath Media has limited german vocabulary, but because Julian Röpcke Tweets in English, we know he is the missing link in evolution. Arrogant, brainwashed and just plain pathetic, Julian gives this interview as a promotion for the criminal Bild agency. Any German speakers feel free to post some snippets of this assclown in the comments section. 

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