Sociopath Media report – 23rd October, 2015


By Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

Ashes of the Empire

Pentagon rentboy Ashton Carter sounds like he doesn’t even know what day it is in this video. He basically licks the troops boots and pretends everything is a-okay. 

What a circus. They even pretend they are the good guys in these phoney press conferences. Jen Psaki, however, wins the award for ‘facepalm of the week’:

Try looking in the mirror

Key Zionist asset, the BBC, tries its best to tar Russia Today with the ‘propaganda’ brush, but unfortunately for them, they  only highlight how biased and corrupt they themselves are. 

Bush = bombs

Nestled inside this article is a statement that couldn’t be further from the truth. Bush DELIBERATELY created sectarian violence to cripple the Middle East, as his Zionist masters demanded. 

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Onward Christian Soldiers

Before exiting Iraq, the Bush administration went to great lengths to rebalance a Sunni-Shia status quo, an exercise that the Obama administration — naturally biased toward Iran — has miserably failed to maintain.

Obama is biased to Iran? He HAD to push for that deal if his 2 terms as president where to have any legacy what so ever. The same can be said for the sudden buddying up to Cuba, although that can also be viewed as a strategic move (stop Russian nuke deployment).  Obama’s masters, Israel, accuse Iran daily of ‘terrorism’ and ‘aggression’. Iran will now secure its status as regional superpower, assuming they are not shafted in the  process of lifting the sanctions.

Correction of the Day

It seems that even the American public don’t know who is running and who is not, although Joe Biden did his part in clearing things up this week. This  could be projection, in that the NYT is hoping for another black president but in a republican outfit. Either way, it is bizarre that this sort of error, even in an Op-Ed, can happen in the first place. 

Corrections: October 23, 2015

An Op-Ed article on Friday incorrectly described Ben Carson’s status in the Republican contest for president. He is a candidate, not the nominee.


BBC News psychopath-for-hire Gabriel Gatehouse passes the baton here to the ape from Qatar, Charles Lister, giving him a platform to spew his pro-Wahhabi bile from. Sociopath Media could post literally hundreds of pictures of dead soldiers from both the ‘moderates’ and ISIS camps just from the past 4 weeks alone. The Syrian Arab Army are a matter of kilometres from the besieged Kuweires airport, and ditto for the strategic M5 highway. Russia has carried out over 900 sorties, destroying over 800 terrorist facilities. Yet this sand clown thinks that Assad and jihadists set to benefit from Russian action – and western inaction”. 

Western Inaction? A few days ago they bombed a power plant, disrupting the electricity supply to the citizens. And for the past 12 months they have bombed grain silo’s, hospitals, schools, and another power plant previously. Shut your vapid mouth Lister. 

Prop it up with slander

Wall Street Journal simpleton Paul Sonne is late to the party, but he should keep his coat on, because he won’t be staying. Let’s see what Putin said in context:

Objective information = Ministry of Defence reports of sorties. Information war is a natural feature of 4th generation warfare, so why the Western nitwits feel the need to point the finger is beyond us. Let us remember who it was who made false accusations that German troops were chopping the arms of Belgian children 100 years ago, and 30 years later, labeled Stalin as Hitler 2.0. One can only cry wolf so many times…

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