Sociopath Media report – 24th October, 2015


by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

Because Sociopath Media was so busy rolling on the floor laughing, we didn’t embed two previous videos properly. This has now been fixed. Feel free to watch them, highly recommended:

Senate suggests using human shields against Russian airtrikes:

Jen Psaki conveniently  forgets 200+ years of American Genocide:

Not from the Onion

Although this graphic should be a parody, it unbelievably is not. MSNBC actually thought this poll would be a hit, probably after a litre of Vodka. All four options here are a trainwreck, and really don’t make any sense.

Hitler Reborn

After Netanyahu’s alarming comments about Palestinians and the Holocaust, the New York Times Magazine borrowed some ethanol from MSNBC and came up with this poll:

Hitler didn’t take it very well when he found out about his name being disgraced: 

Zuckerberg Suckerpunch

Mark Zuckerberg might want to take another look at the terms and conditions of Facebook, after this post, which promotes the killing of Russians, was deemed compliant of Facebook rules. The original poster then took to Facebook to gloat about the said decision.

Kafranbel Kooks

We really don’t know why they are still doing this stupid banner-parading behaviour. It is pretty obvious to even the most casual follower of the Syrian war that the FSA do not exist. All traces to the so-called ‘Syrian Revolution’ originate directly from Washington DC and it’s NGO lobbyists. 

This photo in particular features a woman, which is a first. We suspect the woman is Zaina Erhaim, a gulf shill. More on her here:

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Shove your banners where the NGO don’t shine…

Enjoy your Trip!

The Insanestream Media only act confused with regards to the composition of the ‘moderate rebels’ because the only other alternative is to admit that Capitol Hill is paying head-chopping Sunni lunatics to overthrow Assad. In the video below, CNN trips over its own fibre wire and calls ISIS ‘the opposition’. Whoops!

But you said…

The Wall Street Journal seems to forget that Kiev claimed that all the ‘separatists’ were killed in combat, and as a result,     they possessed the stronger army. To read the full embarrassment  one requires a WSJ subscription, but the opening paragraph is enough for a giggle:

Russia Said to Redeploy Special-Ops Forces From Ukraine to Syria

Russia has sent a few dozen special-operations troops to Syria in recent weeks, Russian and Western officials say, redeploying the elite units from Ukraine as the Kremlin shifts its focus to supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

It would appear this one goes into the nearly-full drawer labelled  ‘Evidence required’, where barrel bombs and Russian aggression can be found. 

Meanwhile in Ukraine, it is time to mourn the dead Nazi’s:

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