Sociopath Media report – 25th October, 2015


by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

Breaking the Law

According to the Human Rights Watch (HRW), 59 civilians were killed, including 33 children, in an apparent Russian air strike in Syria. Except, this is the HMW talking here. So it is perfectly safe to flip reverse the claim, giving us: 59 civilians were killed, including 33 children, in a dream Ken Roth had one night after battering a bottle of Jack Daniels. 

Russia/Syria: Possibly Unlawful Russian Air Strikes

(New York) – At least two air strikes in northern Homs on October 15, 2015, that local residents believed to be Russian, apparently violated the laws of war. The air strikes killed a total of 59 civilians, residents said, including 33 children and a commander of the local armed opposition group. Russia should investigate the attacks.

Well, first of all, New York doesn’t have the greatest journalistic reputation in the world. In fact, that’s where Mr Roth resides. How can one ‘apparently’ break the law? Who was it who dropped White Phosphorous on Fallujah, Agent Orange in Vietnam and Depleted Uranium in Libya? Oh that’s right, America and NATO. As there are no interviews with the ‘local residents’, we’ll just have to take the HRW’s word for it (or not). ‘Russia should investigate the attacks’? Okay, they have been investigated. They never happened. Now, about Vietnam, shall we investigate that?

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The Middle East Eye suffers from split-personality disorder when it comes to reporting on Syria. Just when one thinks it is safe to classify them as ‘reliable’, they ruin things by towing the ‘barrel-bomb’ line. In this article, however, they state the obvious – that Ahrar al-Sham, like Jaish al-Fatah, is just a fancy rewording of ‘Al Qaeda’. 

Ahrar al-Sham’s apocalyptic vision for Syria and beyond

Despite claims that Syrian rebel group Ahrar al-Sham is taking a ‘moderate’ turn, its leaders still pursue a sectarian vision for the region

The thing is, the war in Syria has nothing to do with Sectarianism. The American plan, courtesy of Tel Aviv, is to stoke tensions in the region between Shia’s and Sunni’s so that they kill each other. But if we are to ‘play the game’ as it were, they are certainly not ‘moderates’. They chop off heads, they eat organs, they execute civilians after rape and torture. Ahrar al-Sham is Qatar’s stake in the game, and recent indications show that they may overtly start to arm them as a ‘warning’ to Russia. 


This is a very common practice in the web of State Department lies. Mutual cyber-simulation, from shill A to shill B. Charles Lister’s articles are lower than a dog turd on the usefulness’ scale. If that can be classed as ‘superb’, then  we at Sociopath Media have chosen the wrong career path. 

Daylight Robbery

The words BBC and charity need to be used very cautiously. The BBC Trust is like the FSA in that it is a total proxy for the war machine. Here we can see how well it went down when they announced a new Trust member who held a position in the military-industrial complex:

So as a result, when Brussels  gifts the BBC free money to the tune of £9m, it is glaringly obvious where it will be going.

EU bias row as Brussels pays BBC charity £9m

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, its death

Behold this hilarious parody of the famous video where some American-backed Jihadi’s attempt to shoot down a Sukhoi jet with a bullet calibre the equivalent of their IQ. 

Let’s play hangman

If anyone truly believes Tony Blair is ‘sorry’ for the slaughter of 1,000,000+ Iraqi’s, the preceding Afghanistan invasion  and the subsequent destruction, then we have some news for you. He is only sorry the Zionist mission has been delayed, indefinitely. He deserves nothing less than capital punishment, but even that would be short of justice. To deliver justice to him would cloak the world in a layer of darkness that would could never be lifted. 

See you in court

Perverted troll Michael Weiss will most likely be facing a defamation lawsuit after he pushed Maram’s buttons. For those unfamiliar with Maram (PartisanGirl), she is a Syrian activist who helped debunk the Sarin Gas hoax. The arrogance coming from his Twitter account alone is a whole new level of putridity. In all honesty, he belongs in the cell next to Tony Blair – on death row.

Wanted! A chance in hell

It seems the death of the Jabhat al-Nusra leader has sent the Sunni terrorsquad into a bitchfit, with them offering €3m reward for the head of Assad. The money will most likely be transferred from a Qatar-based bank, freshly printed by Janet Allen from thin air. 

Joulani Offers a high financial reward to anyone who kills “Al-Assad” and “Nasrallah “

 “Abu Mohammed Joulani,” the Commander in Chief of the Al-Nusra Front, offers  a financial reward of 3 million Euros to anyone who kills “Bashar al-Assad,” even if it’s from his followers, for money and security of himself and his children.

Something tell us that no-one will be claiming the reward – unless they want the strongest army in the world bar China breathing down their necks. Assad has survived the terrorist-occupation for 4 years without even breaking a sweat, so what makes Mr Joulani think he is going to suddenly succumb to a weakened bunch of goat-herders. 

#Bellingcrap returns

That’s really funny Eliot, thanks! The circuses in Britain must be declaring bankruptcy en masse watching #bellingcrap get all the attention. 

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