Sociopath Media report – 26th October, 2015


by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

State Funded Salafis

Sociopath Media encourages every British reader to toss their Television Licence into the bin – £145 per annum is an absolute disgrace just to watch the state-funded BBC. In fact, toss the Television in the bin also, its propaganda junk. Here we can see the BBC:

  • Pretending the arms Saudi Arabia exports do not end up in Takfiri hands:

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BBC helps Saudis whitewash arms trade to Syrian jihadis

  • Retrospective editing articles to cover up aforementioned allegations:

BBC Protects U.K.’s Close Ally Saudi Arabia With Incredibly Dishonest and Biased Editing

Unimportant Useful Idiot

Riad al-Assad is about as relevant to the Syrian War as America is on the Economic Stage. We’re not sure why today was the day to dig his name up, but regardless, they did it. Syria cannot be governed by something or someone that does not exist. It is obvious that the USA wanted Assad to fall to the phantom FSA, who would give ISIS (Tel Aviv) the reigns. No dice. 

FSA founder Col Riad al-Assad says FSA is capable of running Syria “if Assad should fall.”

Liar Liar, Pants on Fire

Ken Roth’s Human Rights Watch gets passed around like Samantha Powers in the Rada. Hundreds of Hasbara accounts on Twitter are paid to circulate this foul stench in the name of the Information War. Andrew Stroehlein can be added to the ‘troll scum’ (block) list, cleaning cyberspace up one basement warrior at a time. 

Regarding the Human Rights Watch’s allegations, Putin & Co made quick work of them:

Kremlin rejects HRW report over killing Syria civilians

Maiden Cookies

Key architect of the Coup d’etat in Kiev, Mr Pyatt often wonders why he has no reflection in a mirror. How can Ukraine be called a democracy when neo-nazi thugs roam the streets, caving the heads in of civilians refusing to speak Ukrainian? Ukraine’s average monthly salary is $140 a month, and that is Russia’s fault? How many IMF loans has Ukraine received? And have they repaid Russia its $2bn debt? And to make this circus even worse, the link he gives goes to the State Department Twitter account, which in turn links an article to the State Department website. *Sigh*

CNN did what?!

Woah, hold your horses! Did she just… talk sense… in front of…. Wolf Blitzer?! Pass the smelling salts…

The Guardian Becomes Overnight Expert

This newspaper is an expert in everything seemingly: Ukraine, Syria, Africa and now Poland. All this because the winning party of the election possesses an anti-immigration viewpoint. Poland should bow down to USA destabilisation tactics, right? Well, it seems that not every country wants to house  undercover ISIS terrorists and general troublemakers. Serbia is well aware of what is happening around it, with the jaws of a colour revolution snapping around its heels. Poland would be wise to realise what happened to Kiev can very easily happen to Warsaw.

                    Fear and xenophobia poison Polish polls

Songbird without wings

A villain that would make even James Bond blush, Crazy Train McCain is once again on the wrong side of history, seemingly determined to create an 80’s Afghanistan 2.0. He has lost in Syria, he has lost in Ukraine, and now he is about to lose in Afghanistan. Russia will deliver some goodies to combat the Taliban, leaving US to twiddle their thumbs on the sideline (Iraq cannot WAIT to boot them too).

Backup Plan

Because USA’s original plan of coinciding the refugee influx with Russian Airstrikes did not work as planned, they are now desperately attempting to link the aforementioned variables together, if anyone will listen. This New York Times article is 110% propaganda, and as always, is based on utter fabrications:

Russian Airstrikes and Rising Violence Raise Fears of New Syrian Refugee Crisis

Nina Kouprianova, one of our very own,  humiliated not only the New York Times, but the BBC shill factory too. In 2005, the NYT was singing Assad’s praises, which is ironic since Wikileaks revealed it was around that time planning began for his removal. 

CNN were not much better, pretending that the warship Obama sent to the South China sea was actually going to achieve something. Sailing 12 nautical miles from Chinese assets is jawdroppingly provocative, and has shades of the USS Donald Cook. We at Sociopath Media hope Xi Jinping sends Obama a ‘moderate’ cruise missile as a warning.

U.S. destroyer to pass islands in South China Sea within 24 hours

And we end on a low…

Eliot forgets here that not only has the average Syrian citizen not heard of his name, but his local grocery store doesn’t even know who he is. To actually be memorable, one must leave the sofa and interact with other beings. Back to claiming benefits, you moron!

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