Sociopath Media report – 30th October, 2015


By Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

Line in the Sand

One of the take aways from the Foreign Minister gathering in Vienna: Obama is going to send 50 useful idiots to “advise” some ‘moderate’ idiots, illegally of course. Well, since Assad is going no where, why not provoke Russia, as if sending 4000 troops to the Baltics wasn’t enough. Attempting to pretend they are a reputable outfit, VICE seemingly think that the politicians running Iraq and Syria care not about the borders of their respective nations.

US to Put Special Forces on Ground in Syria to Fight Islamic State

“This is a shift that makes a lot of sense, primarily because you need to look for your keys where you lost them, not where the light is,” Spence told VICE News. “For some time, the border between Iraq and Syria has been effectively meaningless, and with ISIS operating freely between the two, you need to take IS on in both countries.”

Cutting Cables

Originally published on the 25th October, this New York Times article summerises the approach of USA entirely – blame others of what you yourself are guilty of doing. We have seen this countless times in Ukraine, with the Ukrainian army firing artillery at Donbass and then accusing the NAF when they return fire of provocation. This is a feature of 4th generation warfare, where the OSCE are masters of manipulation. 

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Russian Ships Near Data Cables Are Too Close for U.S. Comfort

Admiral Ferguson said that as part of Russia’s emerging doctrine of so-called hybrid warfare, it is increasingly using a mix of conventional force, Special Operations mission and new weapons in the 21st-century battlefield.

“This involves the use of space, cyber, information warfare and hybrid warfare designed to cripple the decision-making cycle of the alliance,” Admiral Ferguson said, referring to NATO. “At sea, their focus is disrupting decision cycles.”

Doofus in Doha

Good god almighty!  Brookings Institute bitch Charles Lister is quick off the mark with his State Department script here. How can this abomination of a Homosapien claim to be a ‘journalist?! If only his IQ wasn’t the equivalent of his attention span in seconds.

Crazy Train McCain confirms for us that USA’s policies are in fact an escalation – thanks John, now just sip this cyanide slowly…

John Continues:

“A coherent strategy to hasten the end of the conflict in Syria and Iraq requires following the recommendation of leaders such as David Petraeus to stop Assad’s use of air power and his horrific barrel bombs, which are the major killer of Syrians and driver of refugees out of the region. We must establish areas in Syria where civilians can be safe, and do what is necessary to protect these areas in the air and on the ground. We must recognize that Vladimir Putin is not interested in a negotiated solution in Syria that favors U.S. interests, and impose real costs on Russia for its destabilizing behavior. Finally, we must devise a strategy to confront Iranian power and designs in the region, rather than acquiescing to them.”

Is that the same David Petraeus that was sentenced in April to two years probation and ordered to pay a fine of $100,000 for sharing highly classified information with his lover? The rest is Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah zzzzz…….

NBC BS-merchant Chuck Todd must be joking here surely? No-one can honestly be that stupid? Oh wait, he is American. The replies are coma-inducing:

John Podhoretz, for those wondering, is a contributor for the Weekly Standard, the fraudulent paper that peddled the Neocon lies to justify the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Epic fails all around.

Banderite Brainwashing

*sigh* We should have known better than to click on something that was called “Ukraine Today”.  

How many drunken Russian spies needed to get to the truth?

Very sadly, as Russian arms continue to flow into Ukraine and the international community prefers to use self-interested yet suicidal ostrich tactics, the Russians continue to demand Ukraine adhere to the Minks Agreement. Some of its disturbing points basically provide amnesty to war criminals and can legalize Russia’s occupation of Donbas. The fact that this agreement falls under the oversight of the Organization for Security Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) is disconcerting.

Someone please put this Zionist Witch out of her misery…

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