Sociopath Media report – 5th October, 2015


October 5th, 2015

by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

The theme of today revolves around the mad dash of the Sociopath Media to cover up the American bombing of an Afghanistan Hospital, by focusing on the alleged ‘violation of Turkish (NATO) airspace by Russian jets’. The story being spun from the Obama administration is that the Afghanistan government asked for the strike, even though the hospital has since made it perfectly clear that only patients and staff were inside during the night shift.

Afghanistan Hospital cover-up

 This example from the BBC shows how the label of ‘war crime’ is too hot to handle:

Afghan conflict: MSF ‘disgust’ at government hospital claims

The article seemingly absolves U.S. of any blame what so ever, and wont even concede it may have been a U.S.-Afghan joint operation. It has no citations whatsoever, which should send alarm bells ringing as to its purpose. 

Russia is aggressive on land, sea and in the sky (U.S. sources say)

So to throw the (western) dog a bone, the story of the Russian jet in NATO airspace became centre stage, with Russia once again demonised in a way that the Enola Gay never was (and never will be). 

See this example from Fox News:

Turkey vows to protect borders after Russian warplanes may have violated its airspace

The opening sentence is alarming enough:

“Two Russian fighter jets may have flown into Turkish air space accidentally, a senior U.S. military source said Monday.”

This is the same U.S. military that couldn’t see a convoy of Toyota’s heading for Mosul but had HD images of Russian jets in Latakia airbase? And to make things more ambiguous – the use of the word ‘may’.

“Although NATO had suggested the Su-30 and Su-24 planes flew into Turkey this weekend, the military source told Fox News the intelligence into the “alleged incursion” of the Russian jets has not been validated. “

So now already we are seeing that the ‘U.S. military source’ is as useful as a chocolate teapot. Russell’s Teapot springs to mind…

CNN, on the other hand, gave centre stage to this shambolic attempt to link Russia’s indirect involvement in Ukraine to its direct involvement Syria:

Putin’s playbook in Syria draws on Ukraine and loathing for revolution

“Did his experience in Ukraine tempt Vladimir Putin to begin Russia’s Syrian expedition? Are they both examples of the Kremlin taking advantage of Western hesitation or caution? Or are they two episodes (with more to come) of Russia taking revenge for previous humiliations (Kosovo, Iraq, Libya, etc.) and reasserting itself as a Great Power?”

Well firstly, what is his ‘experience in Ukraine’? Was it a holiday one year? Did he watch Dynamo Kiev vs Shaktar Donetsk? This is anyone’s guess at this point. This sentence is then proceeded by another question, a tactic used when you really have no solid info so the best you can do is vague hypothetical assumptions, which of course rely on a willing (read: gullible) reader. The inference that U.S. is on the defence is enough to send a sane person into hysterics. And as for Kosovo, Libya and Iraq – respecting International Law is certainly not humiliating, as Obama and Kerry recently found out at the UNGA. 

The article goes on and on about Ukraine, trying desperately to tie the recent ceasefire to Syria, inferring that Russia has packed its bags up from Donbass and now moved to defend the ‘barrel bombing’ Assad. Later we get KGB references and even Dresden is mentioned – feel free to Google what USA and its allies did in WW2 to Dresen.

Boots on the ground that don’t make a sound

When the darkness fell on the now autumnal nights, suddenly the Sociopath Media decide now is a great time to pretend the the Kremlin are now sending ground troops and artillery to Syria. How did they do this? They said it was a response Turkey/NATO threatening to shoot their planes out of the sky. Russia was quick to dispel such nonsense during the meeting between the Chairwoman of the Russian Federation Council and the King of Jordan:

King meets Russia’s top lawmaker, says ties with Moscow ‘deep’

Matviyenko talks about the absence of Russian intentions to participate in ground operations in Syria

The New York Times then decides to put more fuel on the fire by literally inventing quotes:

Kremlin Says Russian ‘Volunteer’ Forces Will Fight in Syria

“… a senior Kremlin defense official told Russian news agencies on Monday that military veterans who had fought in eastern Ukraine were likely to start showing up as “volunteer” ground forces in Syria. The statement by the official, Adm. Vladimir Komoyedov, head of the armed forces committee in Russia’s Parliament, asserted that such volunteers “cannot be stopped.” “

This ties into the disinfo campaign that was earlier ran which tried to state that members of the NAF were already in Syria in combat operations. The article then goes ‘full-retard’ by linking Ukraine to Syria, yet again:

“Admiral Komoyedov’s statement was the strongest signal yet of Russia’s intentions. It echoed Russia’s use of shadowy ground forces in other conflicts over the past year — most notably its seizure of Crimea from Ukraine in March 2014 and its assistance to insurgents in eastern Ukraine.”

The New York Times talking about ‘shadowy ground forces’ – really? *facepalm*

Bloomberg tries its own hand at the sanctions game

Michael Weiss is a key cog in the State Department wheel, along with Bellingcat’s couch potato Eliot Higgins. So it came as no surprise that he promoted the ‘boots on the ground’ hot garbage. It was also not a surprise that his employer, the ever-so-Russiaphobic Interpreter Magazine, decided to launch this attack on Igor Sechin: 

Russian Oligarch Sechin Falls Out of Bloomberg’s ‘Most Influential’ List

Apparently Bloomberg, like Forbes, is the gold standard when it comes to measuring personal success. 

“This year there is not a single Russian on the list, nor indeed is there anyone from the former Soviet republics.”

Lets take a look at the said list:

The ONLY reason Xi Jinping is even on that list is because China owns the U.S. economy, so they have to kiss his rump after the recent visit to keep the Wall-St market passable. #1 is Janet Allen – the Queen of Usury, enough said. There are no Russians on that list because that’s by design, and it in the mind of the neocons, this is a ‘sanction’ on Russia to not be included in this 3rd rate agencies list. 

Putsch Thugs kidnap Charity Worker

In a more serious matter, the Neo-Nazi Banderite thugs running amok in Ukraine have committed yet another atrocity, which may even escalate to a murder:

“Valentina Kornienko, deputy head of a charity in Donetsk, was abducted by men in military clothing on 22 September. This is a video message in Russian from her sister, Ekaterina.”

Here are 2 photos of her, one with Batman, the other with Strelkov:

Cloudy with a chance of Jihad

The troll of the day award goes to Russia 24 news station, for giving a weather forecast for Washington’s proxies. It doesn’t look good for them, if the bombs don’t finish them off, the Iranians, Hezbollah and the SAA will.

Barrel Bomb Roth 

If you don’t know who Ken Roth is, then that’s A) expected, and B) a good thing. For the curious folk, he is a State Department asset who has for the last 4 years used the phrase ‘Barrel Bomb’ on 95% of the tweets he publishes. The idea is that Assad personally pushes an old fridge loaded with shrapnel out of a helicopter onto the very citizens who contribute to his high approval rating. Crazy I know! The usual routine is this:

  1. See photos of alleged ‘Barrel Bomb’ attack on social media.
  2. Use a reverse image search engine such as TinEye.
  3. Laugh out Loud as you reveal yet another fabricated story using old unrelated photos.

This most recent example is even more embarrassing for Kenneth because it mentions the ‘White Helmets’ NGO, which as is widely known by now, is a George Soros enterprise. If you took a shot of Vodka every time Roth says ‘Barrel Bomb’ you’d be lucky to make midday. More on Roth’s Wrath here:

Soros-funded ‘White Helmets’ NGO caught faking ‘civilian casualties of Russian airstrikes’ in Syria

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