Sociopath Media report – 6th October, 2015


By Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

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Photo from an art exhibition – see more here:-

RT dig up info on Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

As one already knows, the crumbling empire of the U.S. is using its last functioning facet to create chaos in cyberspace to mask its imperial International Law violations in various countries. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) is one such cog in the decrepit machine which seemingly aims to smear Russia’s mop-up operation in Syria by playing the ‘civilian casualty’ card every time Russia does a sortie, despite Putin revealing the reports come before the jet even leaves the airfield. RT discovered an embarrassing truth – the SOHR is run from a slob’s living room in England (much like Bellingcat) and he last visited Syria 15 years ago:

New York Time lies about Russian Strikes

Well it seems not only does the NYT lie about what Russia have said and have not said, they lie about what Russia has done, and not done. In this instance, they conjure up a Judith Miller special – cartoon maps based on made up ‘facts’. At the bottom of the page is the moment of shame:

U.S. and Russian Airstrikes in Syria Show Divergent Strategies

“Detailed data on who controls which areas of the country was collected by the Carter Center, which uses activists, contacts on the ground and videos shared on social media to determine how areas of control change daily.”

That’s right – their sources didn’t even leave the corridors of the State Department. Parroting such agitprop are a vast array of ‘assets ’embedded in Turkey, such as the factually-confused individual below: 

Roth Watch – the broken record

Today Kenneth, after putting 2 +2 and getting 5, posted a link to the following NYT article: 

Turkish Leader Says E.U. Should Do More About Syria

Let’s just forget for a moment that Turkey has been a corridor for Jihadi’s for 4 years, including the FSA Sarin gas attack supplied by Saudi Arabia a stones throw from the UN.

“The root cause of the refugee crisis today is the war that has been taking place in Syria and the state-sponsored terrorism actions” carried out by President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, Mr. Erdogan said. To address the Syrian crisis, Mr. Erdogan called for efforts to “train and equip,” for a “safe zone” and for a “no-fly zone.

We keep hearing about this Assad-terrorism but yet at the UNGA that just passed, no evidence was supplied by Obama and/or Kerry of said allegation. In addition, a ‘no-fly zone’ means a ‘NATO-only’ zone. And as we know, NATO is America’s presence in the East  so it is in essence a ‘Neocon-only’ zone.

Then later on he comes up with this one:

Where does the link lead to I wonder? Let’s have a look:

Assad: I would leave office if it would help

Oh, a quote from Assad, which can be interpreted in 2 ways:

  1. By someone with a subzoology IQ (Ken Roth)
  2. Someone with an IQ higher than Ken Roth (a Fort Russ reader for example)

If my leaving office is the solution, I will never hesitate to do so.”

The keyword here is ‘If’, which implies a totally hypothetical situation. Of course, the lamestream media will run with this and distort it until it says ‘Barrel Bomb’.

Russian Embassy trolls U.S.

This one should keep the subordinates in the White House busy for a while: who gets the RPG? 


Eliot Higgins, the couch potato from England, has been dropping bombs of his own. But sadly for Eliot, they have been dropped on his own feet:

The Silver Surfer strikes again 

During the winter assault from the Putsch army in Donbass, many citizen ‘journalists’ took to Twitter to earn their paycheque, just like Ken Roth, but this time to pretend that the Novorossiyan army was using special shells that turned 180 degrees on axis and returned to sender. Well it comes as no surprise that the lead chump at ‘RobPulseNews’ is joining on the Syria disinfo campaign.

Now if you click the link in the tweet, it takes you to an Al Qaeda fanboy’s page. So State Department employee #72995683902 is quoting State Department employee #6533399726. Imagine my lack of shock.

The Daily Beast Declawed

Today’s offering from Weiss

23rd of August

17th of May

We’ve already visited Michael Weiss here at Sociopath Media, but we are now going to see him in action for The Daily Beast:

Russia Is Bombing Ambulances in Syria

The older examples are just an example of the timespan of this psychopathic liar’s ‘career’ as a disinfo agent. Today’s article decides now is the time to link Putin to the Afghanistan Hospital bombing by U.S. forces. It shrugs off the ‘war crime’ accusation by the UN, and reinforces the narrative the American troops were under threat so the bombing was just ‘collateral damage’. Reading too much of this manure can drastically alter the grey matter of your brain, so its best to just be aware of what this vile troll is trying to do.

Meanwhile in Minnesota…

It would seem the support for the ‘phantom’ FSA has reached the midwest:

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