Sociopath Media Report – 9th October, 2015

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by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

Pentagram pulls the plug

Obama Administration Ends Pentagon Program to Train Syrian Rebels

It seems instead of giving Putin the (non-existent) contact details for the organ-eating, head chopping FSA, Obama has decided to suddenly end the programme, which cost the tax-payer $500m (yes Detroit, you heard that correctly).

“I wasn’t happy with the early efforts” of the program, Mr. Carter said during a news conference with Mr. Fallon. “So we have devised a number of different approaches.” Mr. Carter added, “I think you’ll be hearing from President Obama very shortly” on the program.

I cant wait Ash! What will you do this time? Smuggle a nuke into Syria? Anthrax to Assad? I suspect a false flag akin to the USS Liberty incident is in the works…

Detroit is going to be even more mad when they find out Raytheon has given the Wahhabi’s 500 TOW missiles at $50k a pop:

Saudi Arabia increasing weapon supplies to Syrian rebels following Russian airstrikes

Those missiles will go straight to Al Nusra, Jaish el-Fatah, Ansar al-Sham by FedEx priority mail, but with Mi-24 gunships now protecting the SAA, I suspect this will throwing money down the toilet (war economy = profit for Dick Cheney). 

‘moderates’ issuing cringe-worthy ‘threats’ to Russia

Beyond Parody  

Here at Sociopath Media, we can always be sure to find some good ‘ol American analysis at pro-war rags, such as CNN. When the employees are not making geographical gaffs, the readers fill in the gaps:

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Mohammed Banks writes: “lol so funny” – yes, almost as funny as a $18 trillion debt…

Enrico Stampone writes: “I’m glad Yemen is getting bombed. I’m sick of those pedophiles” – as we can see he is confusing Britain with Yemen here.

Feel free to reply to these ‘special’ people, the replies may reveal more treasure…

A day ending in ‘Y’ – it must be Roth-o-clock

The map provided by Ken for our convenience is the equivalent of a scribble a kindergarten does whilst learning about evil Russia. Russia has completed over 60 sorties in the last 24 hours, and according to the missing link in evolution, Ken Roth, they have come up empty handed – in fact – they have helped ISIS. Unless sending them to hell is ‘helping’ them, I suggest Ken stays away from the hip flask. 

Here we have Kurt Pelda, a useful idiot with a camera, showing us the result of being born with a vacuum inside his head. 

According to the Russian Defence Ministry, they have ‘helped’ 2 commanders and 300+ militants towards their goal – some virgins in the sky.

Russian airstrikes kill 2 ISIS commanders, 300 militants – Defence Ministry

RT vs Bellingcat

I’m not sure why Russia Today are giving this clown the time of day, but I guess when you are making serious allegations without any proof whatsoever, then you deserve all that is coming to you. 

The State Department Web of Russiaphobia is better than cable TV because the comedy is free:

1 week later… 

UAE reporter Joyce Karam dropped this bombshell 7 days ago, but information has not been forthcoming since. The link takes you to the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria. Nothing from her employees about those TOW’s, or on the current genocide occurring in Yemen.

Here an Al-Qaeda sympathiser and Bellingcat’s own bed-ridden embarrassment synchronise fantasies — the deaths of Russian soldiers:

Sadly for ‘Stork’, he shot himself in the foot:

But I thought the Russians were not targeting ISIS? #awkward

He seemingly was eager to be wheelchair-bound, as he reloaded:

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