Sociopath Media report – October 11th, 2015


By Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

Murdoch makes Russia laugh

It seems the Russian Embassy was not impressed with this piece published by The Sunday Times and others:

RAF ready to shoot down Russian aircraft over Syria

The article copies and pastes the ‘Russia isn’t bombing ISIS’ rhetoric, and demands you get a premium subscription to read the full online text. Russia is curious to know how they reached such conclusions that the RAF will attack Russian Migs:

Answer by Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko to Russian media question regarding Syria

– Can you comment on the British media reports that UK Government has given the green light to RAF pilots participating in the operation against ISIS in Iraq airspace, to shoot down Russian combat planes?

– These media reports are worrying, as they refer to senior Cabinet members. We have urgently requested explanations from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Meanwhile, the very premise of a potential conflict of UK and Russian combat aircraft over Iraq is incomprehensible. It is known that Russian Air Force does not take part in strikes against ISIS targets in the said country. At the same time, RAF does not participate in the anti-ISIS coalition strikes in Syria. The question arises, what is the goal of such a provocative media leak? Whose morale are they meant to raise?

As for joint struggle against ISIS, we have not yet received a reply to our official request to the British side to provide information at its disposal regarding the ISIS infrastructure for possible use by the Russian Air Force group in Syria.

BBC corporate bootlicker Nick Sutton promotes this Daily Star headline, with the Author claiming it’s an ‘exclusive’. It is rather obvious at this point that the story is a plant from the government.

Murdoch’s most embarrassing rag, and that is saying something, The Sun, made not only Russia laugh, but anyone with a double digit IQ:

Doomsday scenario… Britain calls for nuclear war games to scare Russia

The Sun likes to pretend that Britain and its colonising Queen still strike fear into anyone who doesn’t possess a crown encrusted with blood diamonds from the Congo. 30 days ago, we at Sociopath Media couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw The Sun hit a new low with a headline that not even Fox News could top (see the box below ‘On Sunday’):

£1 out of the Sociopath Media budget later…

(open images in a new tab or download them to zoom in and read text, its as disgusting as it seems)

So it’s really not surprising the Russian Embassy objected to a Newscorp headline.

Brookings and the CIA walk into a bar…

As the Qatar-based Brookings Institute features quite heavily on Sociopath Media report, we decided to do some digging on its members and who they report to. Bruce Riedel is one such member who reports to the Caliphate of ISIS:

It should also come as no surprise that he has a profile on the Daily Beast:

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Hear no Evil, See no Evil, receive paycheque in the mail

As was reported on Fort Russ on the 11th of October here, the UAF decided it was a good day to violate Minsk and send some shrapnel to Donbass. It is no secret that the OSCE have been far from objective in their reports of past violations, so why would this occasion be any different? 

Here we have the usual vague descriptions of events, where one cannot help but feel that something is stopping them from typing ‘Poroshenko’ and ‘violation’ in the same sentence (a brown envelope perhaps?). They blame ‘all sides‘ as per usual, and use phrases like ‘possibly‘ and ‘could not ascertain‘. It’s almost as if they are on the UAF side, using drones to give them coordinates of the NAF’s location. Hmm…

Video of UAF assault on 10th October

Obama tries to outdo Putin

Barrack must of been watching Putin’s appearance on CBS’s 60 Minutes with Charlie Rose through his fingers, seeing what a President looks like with a high approval rating. Here is a clip from his attempt at being relevant: 

As you can see, when his ‘excellence’ is put into refute, his arrogance almost blinds the camera. This clip can be added to the collection entitled ‘The Fall of the US empire’.


CNN backs ISIS

By cheering the death of an Iranian commander at the hands of ISIS, CNN, whether intentionally or not, aligned themselves in the public eye with ISIS. 

U.S. official: ‘Psychological blow’ in ISIS killing of Iranian general in Syria

“He was in charge of [Iranian] operations inside Syria,” said former CIA officer Reuel Marc Gerecht. “He’s been involved in this from A to Z, so in the short term, it’s probably a fairly significant loss.”

The sheer delusion spewing out from the article is enough to make one call the coastguard. They suddenly know his telephone number and favourite pizza topping, but are unaware of ISIS positions. 

“The fact that you have a senior Iranian general shows both the desperation of the regime, as well as now the degree of Iranian involvement now in Syria,” said Andrew Tabler of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

Note the use of the word ‘desperation’ and ‘regime’ to plant images inside the readers head of a dictator who is on the ropes. Absolutely laughable. There are enough pictures floating about of dead Takfiri’s rats littering Hama, Idlib and Aleppo to justify Reuel Marc Gerecht be sent to an asylum. 

Taxi for Steve Rosenberg

They say in the BBC offices that a joke starts by looking over your shoulder. For some, it’s reading their employee’s garbage online. 

Don’t worry Steve, you’re not alone in this moment of shame, your buddy Daniel is just as good as taking orders from the State Department:

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