Sociopath Media report – October 12th, 2015


By Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

Russian Aggression 101

In what is a rarity, this report will start with a truthful piece of media. The video, which is gaining momentum on the wide web, acts as a ‘dummies guide to geopolitics’, stating basic facts regarding fictitious Russian aggression in Ukraine and Syria. I suspect the author of the video will be receiving sanctions and a place on the ‘Kiev Travel ban’ list.

American Projection 

The New York Times, when it is not forging evidence to justify a second Gulf War, gives the reader very <sarcasm> unbiased history lessons </sarcasm>. With this article the reader learns about Russia’s imperialism and how Catherine the Great is relevant to Syria in 2015. 

Putin’s Imperial Adventure in Syria

“IN June 1772, Russian forces bombarded, stormed and captured Beirut, a fortress on the coast of Ottoman Syria. The Russians were backing their ally, a ruthless Arab despot. When they returned the next year, they occupied Beirut for almost six months. Then as now, they found Syrian politics a boiling cauldron of factional-ethnic strife, which they tried to simplify with cannonades and gunpowder.”

We at Sociopath Media didn’t know that Russia was so evil, backing Zahir Ömer to overthrow the Ottomans. That’s really imperial and aggressive. Sanctions should be applied for the 243 years since. 


Rolling on the floor with laughter aside, why is the NYT digging up the dinosaurs and how is it relevant to 2015? The answer is, of course, it isn’t. It is classic projection. Accuse others of what you are guilty of doing yourself. The U.S. empire is fading away like a dementia-patient’s memory bank.  So how fitting to go into detail about Russian foreign affairs of the past. I look forward to the next NYT issue of ‘A History of CIA operations in Africa’. 

Sochi GP weekend

The CEO of Formula 1, Bernie Ecclestone, sat down with Russia Today during the race weekend in Sochi, where Russia’s own Daniil Kvyat finished in an impressive 7th place. Aside from discussing how great a race track Sochi is, Bernie made some interesting comments regarding America:

Barrel Bomb Bonanza

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Human Rights Watch king weasel Ken Roth accepted Russia Today’s invitation for a chat surprisingly, which is more than can be said for the sofa slob Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat. In this interview, Ken shows that it’s not just his keyboard that is seemingly stuck on repeat, but it’s also his Zionist mouth. Russia Today decided it was for the best to humiliate this clown as much as possible by running Tweets on the screen which highlighted the fact that they had a megalomaniac on the end of the line. Not even Anissa, the presenter, pretended to care about what he had to stay, and instead, focused on letting him run his mouth into an alley.

Stating the Obvious

Oligarch Alexander Lebedev’s UK outfit The Independant ran an article in July which was about 92 years too late. On topics ranging from Palestine, Ukraine, Africa and now Syria, the BBC is known as the ‘Biased Broadcasting Corporation’ for a reason. After being caught out splicing footage from the Ghouta (Syria) Sarin Gas attack, which the neocons in the Pentagon tried to use as a pretext to enforce a no-fly zone, it seems the BBC now posses an attitude which can be described by the acronym ‘DILLIGAF’. Gone are the days of covert Westminster agenda seeding, instead being replaced by ‘in-your-face’ Russiaphobic propaganda.  

The BBC is worryingly close to becoming an arm of the Government, says its own former chair

Today however showed The Independent is still a high school cheerleader for NATO:

Did US weapons supplied to Syrian rebels draw Russia into the conflict? 

First of all, the article is headlined with a question. That is the 1st beep on the Bovine Manure detector. Secondly, it uses the phrase ‘rebels’. That is beep number deux. Now lets move onto the actual article. 

“So successful have they been in driving rebel gains in northwestern Syria that rebels call the missile the “Assad Tamer,” a play on the word Assad, which means lion. And in recent days they have been used with great success to slow the Russian-backed offensive aimed at recapturing ground from the rebels.”

Well that paragraph alone has broken the Sociopath Media Bovine Manure detector. The Russian Ministry of Defence stated on the 10th of October that the intercepted communications coming from the ‘rebels’ portrayed an image of “mass panic”. Judging by some of the videos and photos available on Fort Russ since the Russian mop-up operation began, “Gains” and “Success” are two words that cannot be attributed to the so called “rebels”, unless lying on the floor with a Mi-24 cannon embedded inside ones abdomen counts. 

Here is a new picture in circulation of the Free Syrian Army, who claim they will retake Homs:

Moderate ‘rebels’ indeed.

A New Vice Documentary? Pass.

If you are a ‘moderate’, Vice news is the equivalent of Pinewood Studios. If you are able to spell your own name, they are on your browser’s ‘block’ list. What on God’s green Earth were they thinking when they came up with this one? The best way to counter extremism is to promote it, according to Hipster Vice. One call from John Mccain to Vice HQ later, we have the following trailer:

Genocide is the new black

In postmodern cyber-talk, this article is ‘pure LOLZ’. Lets just move in for the kill:

                             Obama’s Doctrine of Restraint

“One way to define Barack Obama’s foreign policy is as a Doctrine of Restraint. It is clear, not least to the Kremlin, that this president is skeptical of the efficacy of military force, wary of foreign interventions that may become long-term commitments, convinced the era of American-imposed solutions is over, and inclined to see the United States as less an indispensable power than an indispensable partner. He has, in effect, been talking down American power.”

Restraint?! Lets see:

  • Bombed Iraq
  • Bombed Syria
  • Bombed Yemen
  • Bombed Palestine
  • Bombed Libya
  • Buildup of NATO forces in the Baltics
  • Coup d’etat in Ukraine, 10,000 dead
  • etc…

Let’s be honest, it is quicker to list the things he hasn’t bombed. Cohen needs to stop taking Methamphetamines. Pretending the U.S. is some sleeping giant is like pretending Africa is sitting on gold bullions. 

Daily Beast with a Suicide vest

Every time we at Sociopath Media say “the Daily Beast has hit a new low”, the floor shakes and collapses. These bedroom-based cowards claim The Homs Liberation Movement (see picture above) “seems ready to use tactics associated with ISIS”, conducting suicide attacks. “Seems”? really…?

              Syria Rebels Plan Suicide Attacks on Russians 

“The Syrian government and its Iranian and Russian allies portray all rebels, including the Free Syrian Army, as terrorists. The Movement has a plan to defend itself against potentially demoralizing propaganda. “We will create a unified media outlet to carry news of our victories over both the Russians and the regime to strengthen morale and enthusiasm among the fighters,” al-Hourani said.”

According to the official narrative, Al Qaeda was responsible for the September 11th attacks. Fast forward 14 years, and now we have the State Department waxing lyrically about Al Qaeda, using CIA weapons, killing Russians. Mind = blown (pun intended). 

No CIA Zone

It’s been 4 years since NATO-merica first tried to deceive the UN into permitting a No-Fly Zone in Syria, but as the Syrian Arab Army push on, in tandem with the Russian Air Force, the calls are becoming more and more desperate. The No-Fly Zone is basically a way of saying ‘ISIS supply airdrop zone’. Time is running out for the Gladio thugs, with fleeing to Turkey their only option left seemingly.  Since Russia’s actions in Syria are in compliance with International Law, what the British pirates are demanding is reminiscent of Angela Merkel running to Ukraine to stop the bloodbath in Debaltsevo. 

British MPs want to defend al Qaeda in Syria, “enforce no fly zone” even if UN vetoes

Time for some Tweets

Mr Hassan, a moron, gives a writer for Business Insider, Pamela Engel, some promotion, by showing why she writes for Business Insider, the media equivalent of McDonalds in the health industry:

As you can see, Pamela Engel is very qualified to offer an analysis on Geopolitics and military affairs:

“I’m a reporter for Business Insider in New York City.

I graduated from Ohio University with a degree in journalism, and I’ve previously worked for the Associated Press, The Columbus Dispatch, the New York Observer and the Scripps Howard Foundation Wire. Beside journalism, I love old books, new pens, big cities and good food.”

She’s more than qualified to be US president for sure. 

And here we have Robert Pszczel, who works for something called NATO (not sure who that is), telling us that Russian Cruise missile launches from the Caspian sea might replicate a MH-17-style takedown. Irony, lots of it.

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