Sociopath Media report – October 14th, 2015


By Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

Facebook Fail

A special mention this evening for a Mr Craig Jenkins, who should probably deactivate his account immediately and commit cyber-suicide. “How do you know it who did it”? Well, after consulting a translator, we can answer his illiterate attempt at a question very easily. It’s called intelligence, something he is clearly lacking. “Russia bombed kids and women so are war criminals”. Are you sure they didn’t bomb Jesus, JFK and Princess Diana too? With a bit of luck his mummy has removed his computer privileges for the week.

F*ck the UPA

Victoria Noodlehead’s piece on the side, Geoffrey Pyatt, stretched his legs today, with a nice brisk walk in Kiev. When he’s not organising coup’s, he immerses himself in the full Stepan Bandera experience. 

Of course, Geoffrey had nothing to with the march that happened today, that was just the Ukrainian people showing how proud they are of their nationality.

Rotor-Blade Röpcke

Julian is probably the most hated man on Internet right now, much more so than Donald Trump or Justin Bieber. At least those two have not advocated the beheadings of Syrian soldiers and waved the flag for Al Qaeda. That takes a new strain of sickness, that seems to have been bred in a laboratory in Washington DC. In the time between the last Sociopath Media report and this one, he has developed severe paranoia:

Thankfully, many online comrades have ensured his stay on Twitter will be as miserable as possible, with daily hacking and account spoofing rampant. 

Whatever Julian is smoking, he needs to get a refund from his dealer. Not even Snoop Dogg on Hippy Crack is capable of this stupidity. All he has to do is search Youtube or look at the videos on Russia Today to see Mi-24/Mi-28’s, SU-30/SU-25’s dismembering the very people he’s paid to massage. He is like an alcoholic that just wont admit that he has issues, preferring instead to live in a permanent state of denial. 

The only Shill in town

It would be perfectly normal to be the only Jewish person at a party, or in an office, but being the only one in an Al-Qaeda affiliate meeting is as ugly an achievement as the picture below is:

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Hmm… al-Bab… That sounds familiar…

Syria barrel bombs kill 68 civilians in al-Bab town in one week

Oh what a coincidence! I’m sure Michael personally counted all the barrels dropped from the Helicopter, and submitted a thorough report of the civilian casualties… Oh wait, that didn’t happen, and there are no photos, no videos. Nothing. Nada. 

You can edit that out though, right?

Cable News Edits Out Rousing Sanders Attack on Vapid Media Coverage

We at Sociopath Media do not endorse any of the Presidential candidates from the Land of Exception, or voting in general, but old Bernie has a point here, why did they focus so much on the damn e-mails? CNN are of course masters of Geography (*snigger*) and wouldn’t deceive the viewers into believing a trans-state broadcast was going on (*snigger*). Ron Paul learnt this the hard way – the only way to get favourable coverage in the American Media is to lace the pockets of Goldman Sachs and lobbies such as AIPAC. Looking at Hilary’s donation list, it’s not hard to see why CNN worked overtime to remain in contention for next month’s bonus:

How can you tell when Eliot is lying? His mouth is moving…

Charles Manson was more convincing in court than this criminal ‘reporter’ was on TV. The video below does a great job of disseminating Eliot Higgins’ behaviour whilst he’s selling his State Department pitch. You’d think he’d dress less like a  used car salesman though, with the brown envelopes  that are coming his way. 

‘Nothing’ to see here folks 

Between Eliot, Michael, Julian and this window-licker, there is a fierce competition going on for who’s nose can grow the quickest. Charles has certainly taken the lead with this one:

Both extremes that are given here are as disgusting as each other. Occupying Afghanistan to launder Opium, invading Iraq to remove Saddam, carpet bombing Libya to remove Gaddafi, creating ISIS and its sub-groups to remove Assad are all either ‘doing something’ or ‘doing nothing’. Well thank you Mr Lister for that excellent Paradigm, Zbigniew Brzezinski would be proud. 

A Cat has nine lives, a Syrian child Ten 

When doing research on the many many claims of ‘Russian casualties’ or ‘Assad casualties’, it’s a very quick process to establish the validity of the claims. All one has to do is use the images provided and reverse image search them. It seems that concept has escaped everyone at the BBC, and those who were involved in the ‘Sarin Gas’ hoax. The BBC has a recurring series called ‘Panorama’, where they attempt to reveal something shocking to the public domain. Well, what was revealed here was shocking indeed. ‘Ahmed Darwish’ has already died before, and came back to life only to be napalmed. That is something that is worthy of a nativity. The ombudsman for television was not impressed with this (or the mass of complaints coming their way). Here is a link explaining what happened: 

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