Sociopath Media report – 16th October, 2015


By Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

Riddle me this

Here is a riddle for the readers: How can the US have bombed al-Nusra in Al-Dana on the 15th, when  ISIS were fighting ‘rebels’ in Tell Jabin only 50 kilometres away? Answers on a postcard please…     


Drone Exceptionalism

Following the leak by Edward Snowden regarding the use of American drones in the Middle East (9 in 10 strikes kill a civilian), the US now claims that a Russian Drone was shot down, despite their being no evidence to back this up, and the pictures of the drone being available within the hour:

Despite all this, the New York Times went one step further, and decided to skip the part of history where Turkey violated Syrian sovereignty:

Turkish Jets Shoot Down Drone Near Syria

UK neo-liberal rag The Guardian went totally overboard, in a desperate attempt for clicks, by showing a picture of a warplane and referring to the drone as an ‘unidentified aircraft’. I’m sure Putin was piloting it and dropping Barrel Bombs too.

Better late than never

Where would a Sociopath Media report be without the Qatar bootlicker Charles Lister? On the 15th, Bloomberg reported that the US airdrop that occurred last week, destined for the new Syrian Arab Coalition, actually ended up in the hands of the kurds:

U.S. Airdrop in Syria Ends Up Arming the Kurds

“American and Kurdish officials and Syrian Arab opposition leaders told us this week that ammunition said to have been for the Syrian Arab Coalition, a newly announced group of Sunni Arab brigades in northeastern Syria, had largely ended up arming the Kurdish Democratic Union Party and its associated military forces, known as the People’s Protection Units or YPG. That will aid the Kurds in fighting the Islamic State and cementing their control of Kurdish territory.”

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Eventually, and by that we mean 3 hours later (which in today’s rapid-communicative world is a long time) the goon in the Gulf eventually caught up with proceedings, rebuking his claim that the ‘moderates’ claimed the package:

Does a Turkey vote for Christmas?

During the Democrat debate on CNN, Hillary reminded us why her family is responsible for genocide, and realistically speaking, should be placed in a straight jacket:

Ladies and Gentleman: if Clinton wins the election, a monster will be set upon the world that will make Margaret Thatcher look like Mother Theresa. Goldman Sachs will pour everything they can into the coffers to get her across the finish line.

OSCE Lies – And the Sun sets in the West

Here we have the Ukrainian Army proxy, the OSCE, using a photograph from Moscow to declare that Putin has delivered an advanced flamethrower system to Donbass:

Note the billboard in the background

Now search the internet for the meaning of the above symbol

Oh look what we have here, a symbol from Khorochevski region in Moscow… Back to giving the Nazi’s coordinates for  the OSCE…

#Bellingcrap Mountain

Well, well, well, what do we have here. Kenneth Roth, the Pest from the West, advocating the fraudulent Bellingcat’s research into MH17, which is conducted from a couch in England. 

“Shredded the Russian Defence”? Sociopath Media just officially cancelled its Comedy Channel subscription. The only “shredding” the Bellingcat basement-dwellers have done is their receipts from the State Department. 

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