Sociopath Media Report – October 7th, 2015


By Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

BBC give airtime to the FSA

‘We’ve never seen airstrikes like this’

BBC World News Service, partners in crime with the National Geographic, are certainly doing their bit for the Washington information war. Here we have Raed Fares, mastermind of artwork such as below:

His job in this segment is to push the narrative that Russia is bombing civilians and is ignoring ISIS. Since we know the BBC are pro Junta in Ukraine, anti-Assad in Syria, and generally Russiaphobic, one should be ready to laugh before the video is even played.

Happy Birthday Putin – 63 years young!

Yes, today is the big day for Vlad, and what better way to celebrate that to send the biggest offensive against ISIS yet. Missiles from the Caspian Sea, Gunships covering the SAA, and further strikes from the sky. All of this was enough to push some trolls to spoil the birthday messages on Twitter. Invading the ‘#happybirthdayMrPutin’ hashtag was how they decided to take out their anger:

Here is a some antidote to the above poison:

“A good thing in harsh times is new strength rising on the sea. He who hasn’t sold friendship or betrayed faith will gain the world on the Caspian.”

Freudian Slip of the day

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Sad Amnesty International Troll Kristyan Benedict let loose this tweet, probably after hours of sexual frustration:

I can’t speak on behalf of Mrs Zakharova but I very much doubt she would be attracted to a greaseball like Kristyan.  Is it any surprise that he is also a Russiaphobic State Department asset?

Some more antidote for you, from a man who knows what’s really going on:

Gerashchenko fail

Social media has been mocking Member of the board of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine, former adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko, for his Facebook post advocating support for ISIS via a Russian hit-list:

New York Times goes 1984

General Is Said to Think Afghan Hospital Airstrike Broke U.S. Rules

Instead of just admitting that they violated International Law for the 9999999th time, the Zionist media must use language that is reminiscent of a child caught of with his hand in the cookie jar. After 14 years of ‘fighting the Taliban’ (cultivating Opium) the neocons in the Pentagon are pushing for extending their occupation once again, past 2017. No doubt they are desperate to create Bin Laden 2.0 to fight the nasty Russians in Syria.

BILD – a house of straw

Juilan Röpcke has an interesting resume (interviewing Azov being a recent example), and by ‘interesting’, I mean pathetic. Julian, a shill who’s employer is BILD – a German yellow-press rag, today showed his support for Al-Qaeda (moderates) with the usually flurry of Russiaphobic tweets both preceding and proceeding it:

Julian has been a key cog in the ‘Putin-shot-down-MH17’ Putsch machine, and like most State Department puppets typing hot garbage on the web, receives plenty of deserved abuse on Twitter. His website ‘’ is a never ending stream of falsified ‘evidence’ and general toxicity.

Roth on a roll – 3 days of heightened insanity

Ken wins the award today for ‘dumbest Tweet of the day’: 

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