Syria: French MP accuses France of being “a bagman for American propaganda”


Le Figaro
October 3, 2015

Translated from French by Tom Winter

When it comes to Syria and the Russian air strikes, Jacques Myard, deputy from the Republican Party, accuses France of “carrying the suitcases for American propaganda,” in a communiqué released today. 

“Today we are witnessing an unbelievable media war that just takes your breath away. The Russians have never changed their Syria policy and have always said that the regime of Bashar Al Assad was the best rampart against Islamic fundamentalism, without going so far as to say they’re “married” to him for all time,” affirms M. Myard. 

“Moscow’s objective is to consolidate Damascus, and the Russian air strikes are part of that policy,” said the president of the Nation and Republic Circle.

“On the other hand, one can only wonder about the logic of the American policy France is following: Washington wants the Damascus regime to fall, no matter what it costs, and, like Paris, pretends that the insurgents are members of the Syrian Liberation Army, moderate insurgents against the regime”.

According to him “the truth is pretty remote from that presentation. The Syrian Liberation Army has no existence outside of the salons of Euro or American hotels,” while the units of the SLA armed by the Americans have crossed over to the Islamic front, weapons, equipment, and all to al Nosra, the al Qaida affiliate”. Washington “today is playing the Al Nosra hand (…) The alignment of France with this policy of Sorcerer’s Apprentices is not just a disaster for our interests, it is just simply pathetic.”

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Translator’s note: Le Figaro has so far been fully as Washington-oriented as Agence France Presse, so I find it interesting not just to find a voice for French independence from Washington’s policies, but to see who is publishing it. I have to agree with Hélène Carrère d’Encausse, permanent secretary of the Academie Française “it is especially necessary that the United States does not get involved.” France liberating itself from the US is, for yours truly, always good news. Her views can be read here

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