Syria: Iran enters the dance as France leaves

Northrop Tiger of the IRIAF
The passage of the nuclear accord is viewed herein as freeing up Iran to get into the pro-Assad, anti-Isis struggle.

Nicholas Gauthier
in Boulevard Voltaire October 15, 2015

October 16, 2015
Translated from French by Tom Winter The passage of the nuclear accord is viewed herein as freeing up Iran to get into the pro-Assad, anti-Isis struggle

Contrary to what certain dominant media were expecting, the Iranian Parliament has well and truly ratified the accord on their civilian nuclear usage, two days ago, an accord painfully concluded with the US and the western powers. 

The “talking heads” were expecting an eleventh hour  cannononade from the conservatives, but the magical thinking has its limits, especially in an islamic republic country where the king, beg pardon, the “Guide”, Ali Khamenei, always has the final word in this kind of debate, a country in which the tags “conservative,” and “progressive” have only a relative significance. 

We in the west, navigating with our sight focused on the short term, sometimes have difficulty comprehending the policies of Persians, who, fortified with a few thousand years of civilization, think on a far longer term and have but a vague condescension toward our democratic refinements and our emotions based on the info du jour or the photo of the week. Consider on this heading,  the sentiment-laden media soap-opera that followed the stereotype of a poor child, immortalized on a coast of southern Europe …

This Iranian “victory” has to be seen still in view of the “defeat” of AIPAC, the practically all-powerful American lobby. No exaggeration to say that this latter lobby threw all its weight and millions of dollars into the fray. For Le Figaro it was a vital question, knowing that if the AIPAC lobby exited the game with a loss, its reputation for invincibility would be gone forever. And that is what finally happened. Almost as if for us, the CRIF was reduced to the audience at a bowling match.

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The affair was then concluded along a very precise timetable. The Ayatollah Khamenei, at first very sceptical, nevertheless left his negotiators full latitude to deal with what was possible, considering that a bad agreement was better than a good war. So it passed, to the great displeasure of Israel and Saudi Arabia, and as good news for the civilized world. The ratification by the Parliament didn’t entail anything more than a simple formality.   It was packed up in a minute, as explained above.

Consequently, their hands now free, Téhéran is expecting to act more openly in Syria, in official capacity. Certainly since the onset of the conflict and the intervention of Hezbollah,** the Iranians are in the first line in the war against Islamist terrorism. It only lacked the Russian ally, which has returned to the region with a bang. The juncture has been made, belted, and buckled.

In fact, the reverse of our few French aerial sorties, hardly two in a day, the Russians are there in the air, and from now, on the ground, and Iranian soldiers too, in fact several Iranian generals have fallen on the front, information counted as official.

For their part, the Americans are acting as if nothing happened. As for the French, they keep on doing the belly dance among the Saudis, same old story, selling them jet planes, pedal boats, and microwave ovens. All over again, unable to make history themselves, France exits out the stage door. While other countries write history, they, themselves, write the same old story.

**For Hezbollah’s support of the Assad government against the rebels, click here.

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