Syria is not Afghanistan


October 2nd, 2015 – 

Alexandar Razuvaev for PolitRussia – 

Translated for Fort Russ by Soviet Bear – 

Russian Aerospace Force
strikes in Syria inevitably brought out potential threats that Russia may face.
The threats of terrorist attacks, which we might have forgotten have become a reality again. Of course, the Russian security services will do everything to
protect our country and avoid terrorist attacks. 

However, a negative scenario
cannot be ruled out. Some “alternative gifted” bloggers and analysts have
already said that the Russian authorities are guilty of the blood shed of
ordinary Russians. The story is long – more than 20 years. 

The hostages taken and
the surrender to terrorists in Budennovsk eventually led to the loss of
Chechnya. As a result, the terrorists came to Dagestan, and then to Moscow and
other Russian cities. It took many years and a lot of blood to fix the
Budyonnovsk failure. Of course, there are a lot of geopolitics in the Syrian
history, but there is also a simple thing related to national security. 

It is
better to wage war with terrorists  outside of our borders. There is no point in
waiting, till they come to the Caucasus or South of friendly Kazakhstan. In
this case we have to use a ground force, and the threat of terrorist attacks will
be much higher. The experience of two Caucasian wars, suggests that the terrorists
cannot be fenced off or pay off, any attempts to negotiate they perceive as a
weakness. They can only destroy. 

That is what the Russian Aerospace force is doing.
Our liberals love to compare Syria with Afghanistan, once again pouring buckets
of lies and dirt on the Afghan war. During the Perestroika, the subject of the
Afghan war had become a powerful informational weapon for the destruction of
the Soviet Empire. Especially the topic of our losses was very much hyped. However
the percentage from the last war servicemen the number is very small: according
to official statistics, 620 thousand Soviet soldiers have passed through
Afghanistan, with 15,051 casualties. The casualty number of Afghanistan
itself vary widely: 1-2 million people. And I, as a man of Imperial views absolutely like this loss ratio. 

Another lie is the myth that the Afghan war undermined
the economy of the USSR. Increase in defense spending and military budgets
always stimulates economic growth. However, Afghanistan was a local conflict   for
the USSR and its impact on the economy of the Soviet Union was very weak. The
USSR economy was ruined by the chaos of Gorbachev’s policy and a drop in oil
prices. Afgan is an ordinary Imperial war waged by all empires at all times.
Syria is a Russian self-defense, we just didn’t want to wait and stroke first. Behind
ISIS is the devil and the NATO, behind Russia is God and
the truth. 

[FR Note: publication is not an endorsement of the author’s views.  We translate what Russians are reading]

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