Syria – Ukraine: What’s the Difference?


October 2nd, 2015

By: Yevgeniy Korfotkov – Rg.kiev

Translated for Fort Russ by Paul Siebert –

[We remind our readers that we primarily translate works of interest by popular bloggers, analysts, and opinion shapers and that our publications are not necessarily an endorsement of every view given – .ed ]

Russian political talk shows always invite foreign
journalists. Mostly Americans. After the first viewing you begin to realize
that their role is that of village bumpkins. To show them to the audiences. And
they perform this role admirably without understanding the true purpose of the
invitation. Once I watched such show on the Internet (here in Ukraine, the freedom
of speech lies in the prohibition of the Russian television). “The Syrian
issue” was discussed. 

A US journalist was present as a major expert on the
Middle East. When he was given the floor, his head became a barrel organ with
only a couple of tunes. And instead of a frank dialogue, he began raving
uttering total gibberish, which was made fun of by all participants of the show.

“Assad is a dictator, he is illegitimate, he must
go and give way to the opposition”, – said the American journalist.
“How can he be illegitimate if he was elected by the people?” – asked
the moderator. “No one elected him, he came to power himself” –
“But the elections took place?” – “Yes, they did. But they were
illegitimate”. – “Okay, – the moderator was not giving up – but the kings
of Saudi Arabia, in your opinion, are not dictators and are entirely
legitimate?” – “Of course, they have a hereditary monarchy”. –
“But the people did not vote for them. So tell me, please, why the Saudis
are allowed to do this, and Assad is not? Why in Saudi Arabia they still cut
heads on public squares and stone dissenters, but the US does not declare it undemocratic?”
– “Do not distort it – replied the American journalist, – Arabia is one
thing and Syria is something different”.

And he was right. Brutal Saudis are friends of the
United States and foes of Iran. And Assad is Russia’s friend, and, therefore,
he is guilty. If you rewind the recent history back, you will see that during
the reign of drunken Yeltsin the US was very satisfied with Russia and its
self-destruction. And with Putin coming to power the destruction was stopped
and restoration began. And Putin immediately became the worst enemy of the
United States.

The war in Syria has been going on for four years. The
US coined a paranoid-schizophrenic term: moderate armed opposition. You may crucify
me, but I do not know how any armed opposition can be moderate! Further
developing this American invention it is possible to call these thugs from ISIS
“immoderate armed opposition”. But a large part of the ISIS fighters
are former “moderates”, supposedly the Syrian opposition coached by
American instructors in training camps on the Turkish territory. And most of
the other thugs are former officers of the Iraqi army with the experience of
war with Iran.

But suppose that Assad left or was deposed – what is
the scenario for Syria? Only that of Libya, the bloody one, with a mandatory
collapse of the state. Why? Because there is a naval base in Tartus since the time
of the Soviet Union. The only one in the region, by the way. The Remaining
Russian military bases – there are no more than two dozen of them – are located
mainly in the former Soviet republics. While the United States has its military
bases in 130 countries around the world. But their logic is that of any
primitive organism: we are allowed to do it and you are not.

The Americans would have wiped out Syria from the face
of the Earth if it were not for Russia’s presence in Tartus. And now the
Chinese are also moving their aircraft carrier. Simple understanding that the
Russian and Chinese missiles are capable of destroying NATO aircraft in any
quantity and quality fills the military and the politicians of the US and the
EU with fear, which breeds propaganda hysteria.

Let me hint why the Ukrainian delegation at the
current UN Assembly came up with an idea to deprive some members of the UN
Security Council of their veto right. Not because of the Russian veto on the
creation of tribunal for the downed over Ukraine “Boeing”, but
because of the veto, which was imposed by Russia and China on the bombing of the
Syrian territory.

The first open political confrontation between the US
and Russia took place in Syria, and then the Ukrainian crisis flared up. Both
Syria and Ukraine are of great geopolitical importance for Russia. Any person can
build the links in the chain. A coup d’etat in Syria – Russia loses its most important
ally in the Middle East – Russian ships lose “advance airfield” in
Tartus – Iran falls. And this is a loss of the huge region with inevitable
chaos, but not the one controlled by America, but just chaos.

What about Ukraine. Let’s face it, America has won.
Stupid, but constant propaganda, murders, lies, armed thugs (“armed
moderate opposition”), the money, the oligarchs. Full control of the US
Embassy. They even assign individual curators to “promising”
politicians like Lyashko.

What the United States did not accomplish in Syria – a
complete replacement of leadership and chaos – they accomplished in Ukraine. On
the border with Russia. Therefore they will hold on to Ukraine until the very end.
One of their major objectives is to direct Ukrainian and Syrian migrants to
weakening Europe. Islamic terrorists and fascist terrorists. In order to “save”
grandmother Europe. But what these people at the State Department don’t
understand is that the world has changed. And if they don’t change they will
find themselves sidetracked. Ditched.

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