The CIA recipe for bringing down a regime


Laurent BRAYARD October 7, 2015
…the methodical and precise description of the means employed by American and Western intelligence agencies to bring down this regime. You will be struck by the parallels… 

Translated from French by Tom Winter
It was simply by chance that I discovered the film Checkmatethe Romanian Revolution, a program that was broadcast by the Franco-German channel Arte in late 2004. 

It was a decade ago that our media showed how the US had mounted its attack on the dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu at the end of 1989. Granted that the grotesque communist regime of Romanian dictator was a scourge for Romania, with its share of repression, political police and that ridiculous cult of personality of The Ceausescus; what is interesting in this film is the methodical and precise description of the means employed by American and Western intelligence agencies to bring down this regime. You will be struck by the parallels that can be matched up to the Ukrainian euromaidan. 

It will of course not be in the spirit of my prose to defend Ceausescu’s dictatorship, rather instead to show through this film that Americans have long mastered the techniques of destabilization of the regimes that are in their way.

The first very interesting thing are the film’s interviewees: former CIA officials, a specialist in the French secret service, participants to indoor events — the testimonies are quite impossible to dispel. Several passages are extremely interesting, especially the passage at 56 minutes 45 seconds, the terrifying statements of a former Hungarian Prime Minister Miklos Nemeth, or that of the French agent (Dominique Fonvielle) declaring “You must make victims, because without victims, a revolution is never credible.” Terrible statement, which shames our nation especially as the film presents all the methods employed: 

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  • first identification of opposition, 
  • approach of oppos by the secret services, 
  • use of forces to destabilize the targeted country from within, 
  • professional agitators in training camps abroad, 
  • getting the revolution funded, 
  • pressure on the government in power through use of popular protests, with the objective of achieving a violent and bloody reaction from the regime to destroy its legitimacy, 
  • use of snipers to create an insurrectionary climate and
  • manipulation of innocent victims to the maximum to be sacrificed in the revolutionary furnace. 

This is already the exact description of the events of the euromaidan. [Translator note: Also Syria!]

What is even more interesting is the declaration of a CIA network, indicating that one has to be careful not to suppose that only the Americans were on the job in this operation, suggesting an underground participation by other Western secret services. This and especially the blissful smiles of Fonvielle (author of Memoirs of a secret agent) speaks volumes. In the case of Romania, the popular pressure facing the heinous nature of the regime overcame Ceausescu in those few weeks leading up to his summary execution on December 25, 1989. 

In the case of Ukraine, the target was the Presidency of Yanukovych. It is very relevant after watching this video to understand that the caution and restraint, often considered excessive, of the police forces of Ukraine, were dictated precisely by the examples of the past. The legal nature of Ukrainian regime of the time was obviously a major problem — it was necessary to use demonstrations on a long term, to occupy Maidan Square in Kiev for the long term and to deploy other higher energies than were needed to push the beleaguered pitiful Ceausescu. Each of us has, however, seen the information on the snipers at the time of the Maidan and that push to the breaking point on the deadliest day of February 20, 2014, with the death of dozens of demonstrators and police.

The dissemination of such reporting in 2004 is revealing. The subject was 15 years old, the whole of public opinion could not but agree with the operation against the oppressive Romanian regime. Will we get a like report on Ukraine in 2030? In the study of the Romanian events, there was implied in the background, a victory against the Soviet enemy and its destruction in Europe and Russia. This total assurance of opinion, however, tends to uncover to public opinion in 2015, the avowed long term objective of the US, namely the thoroughgoing destruction of Russian influence in all the former Soviet republics, including in the Russian Federation itself.

You will discover in this movie the incredible cynicism of those at the highest level who push the pawns with complete disdain for human life. The primary difference between the Romanian and Ukrainian case is that the latter has never been a dictatorship, and now the West, led by the Americans has passed from using these methods against dictators to using them against perfectly established democratic regimes. 

These methods are those of an iniquitous and criminal system that Stalin himself would have been proud of. And that’s saying something. You decide, good viewing.
Thank you!

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