The Kiev authorities are afraid of peace in Donbas

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October 6th, 2015

By: – luginfo

Translated for
Fort Russ by Paul Siebert.

The Kiev authorities are afraid of the real peace in
Donbas, as it will lead to a social explosion in Ukraine, – said the Head of
the Writers’ Union of Lugansk People’s Republic Gleb Bobrov.

He reminded that during the summit of the “Normandy four” held on October 2 in Paris guarantor countries of the Minsk
agreements once again firmly reiterated the need for full implementation of the
Package of measures.

“However, again the Kiev regime is trying not to
implement, but only to interpret the agreement,” – said Bobrov.

“It is really very simple. Kiev is not going to
follow the Minsk agreements and the “Norman four” carries no weight with
them”, – he said.

“Every time they are pressed to the wall, as recently
in Paris, they will be saying ”yes” to the cameras, but instead of following
the agreements they will continue to invent new interpretations and nothing
more”, – says the writer.

According to him, the problem is not in the personalities
representing the regime in Kiev, but in the algorithm of actions of the current
ruling elite that seized power in an armed coup and in total manipulation of
public opinion. For them, real peace means a social explosion and an armed
uprising, since it will be impossible to explain to the Ukrainian society why thousands
of people have been killed, tens of thousands maimed and the country’s economy destroyed.

“In the spring of 2014 the Donbas people wanted to
be heard. All their claims amounted to a very soft autonomy. In response no one
even talked to them – the regime hit them with bombs, sent armored columns and
began methodical shooting with artillery shells and “Grads”. Today,
after a year and a half of the civil war, Ukraine has suffered heavy
territorial losses, ruined economy and a state of default. And most
importantly: roughly twenty thousand dead and tens of thousands maimed. That is
the price of Kiev’s military intervention”, – says Bobrov.

“And now, as a result of progress reached through
the Minsk agreements Ukraine irretrievably loses its status of a unitary state
while Donbas receives a wide autonomy comparable to confederation. This
includes its own armed forces, which in some cases surpass the Ukrainian army
and much vaunted territorial battalions. The question arises – what the heroes of
the “Revolution of dignity” died for? In the name of what, added to
the “heavenly hundred” killed during Euromaidan, are at least three
“heavenly divisions” and dozens of brigades of amputees and disabled
people? For the sake of which great goal the country’s economy was brought
down, the infrastructure of entire regions destroyed, even illusory energy
security completely lost?

the answer is simple – the Kiev puppets were
carrying out the will of the
external master and hastily
lining their own pockets,
trying to grab as much as possible before the inevitable fleeing. But, of course, one cannot say it out loud. As a result we have a zugzwang: they cannot
implement the agreement
and it is also impossible not to
implement it. What they are doing is trying to procrastinate inventing new interpretations”.

“It is
surprising that the Ukrainian
society does not see this
obvious fact. After all, the more this situation comes to the deadlock, the more
painful will be the losses. Today the snowball of problems has reached an incredible size. Further delay and
aggravation of the situation could lead to a total collapse of the Ukrainian

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