The Twelve Commandments of the Russian World


October 18, 2014

Russkiy Malchik

1. Live in harmony with God, by conscience. Go through life with love in your heart, even in the enemy only see a victim of the devil.

2. Don’t accept injustice. Defend the weak and the oppressed irrespective of their race and tribe, help them.

3. Look truth in the eye. Distinguish good from evil, and do not give in to attempts to equate one to the other.

4. Do not get discouraged and always fight evil. Remember, evil is ultimately weaker than good, even if it seems invincible right now. Be strong, but remember that the strength is in truth.

5. Don’t be ashamed of the breadth of your soul. Even if because of it you commit sins and mistakes, don’t let that lead you on a path of narrowing thoughts and actions. Try to absorb the fullness of the world, and live life as openly as if you are already before the throne of the Lord.

6. Judge a man by his soul and not appearance and big words. Appreciate kindness and sincerity more then other qualities in a man. Consider everyone who lives according to conscience a brother. Remember, Russian – is not so much blood as the spirit.

7. Keep the faith and traditions of your grandfathers. Do not chase trends. Make sure technology doesn’t kill the divine in you, and fashion does not dehumanize you. Appreciate the experience of ancestors and the wisdom of antiquity. Remember, the old-fashioned village ways slow the plunge of mankind into the abyss.

8. Put creative work above trade and speculation. Despise parasitism on the labor of the people. Be indifferent to luxury, if it is generated by injustice – despise it. Don’t let things and living comfort own you. Remember the ancient truth – labor is noble.

9. Self-sacrifice is the supreme condition of a man. Live for others, not for yourself.

10. Don’t try to build a heaven on earth for everyone, but do good to whomever you can. Remember, the higher justice is only in heaven, on earth it is important to avoid falling into the abyss.

11. Create and build the beautiful and the great. Try to live every second as God in the days of creation. Elevate the good, overcome evil. Remember, there is nothing worse than wasted seconds, not to mention self-destruction. Reach for the sky, and then the earthly life will make sense.

12. Russia is the last Noah’s ark of humanity. When evaluating what is happening in the world and in our country, keep in mind this truth. Before all Russians there is a common ultimate goal, compared to which the arrangement of the earthly existence is a necessary, but minor thing. And remember, Russia is not there for you, but you are there for Russia.

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