Ukraine: “My homeland has slipped Through The Looking Glass”

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Ukraine’s Paralympics Team — invited to train in Crimea!

“Russia could actually send troops, and deal with the APU in a couple of days, like it is now doing with ISIS.” 

In Antifascist October 10, 2015

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

(Original title: The Wrong aggressor: Russia invites Ukrainian paralympic team to train in Crimea)

Sometimes you look at Ukraine and get the impression that my homeland has slipped Through The Looking Glass: Liberators become “colonizers.” Murderers of children get called heroes. Thugs and outright schizophrenics are called Police. “Warriors of the Light” bomb children while the “terrorists” rebuild the schools.

“Honor” — that’s the government that talks about freedom of speech, and puts journalists in jail.

The blockade against others brings ruin on their own.

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Those “aggressor” and “occupier” tags? We got them wrong. 

Putin recently invited the Ukrainian Paralympic team to train in the Crimea … This just doesn’t fit. I read the Ukrainian press, so I know that in the Crimea they practically shoot people en masse at the least sign of being Ukrainian … Surely our media wouldn’t lie to us?

And honestly, I admire the endurance of Russia and its leadership. It’s really a true wise brother, or even parent. Ukraine, as a teenager with hormonal surges, runs around the apartment, beating his head against the wall, putting himself in pain and screaming, “I hate you! You’ve ruined my whole life! I should have been born into some other family! But with you, you monster– it’s impossible to live with you!”
A parent is sitting quietly, gazing on this sad face, and then, when the teenager has fallen asleep, comes back into the room, looking loving, and puts another blanket on so he won’t take chill in the night, realizing that teenage hormones end, but kinship never!

Friends, Russia could long since have pulverized our country. Russia could  just kick all the Ukrainians out of their territory and our social would have already occurred.
Russia could actually send troops, and deal with the APU in a couple of days, like it is now doing with ISIS. Russia could close the Ukrainian factories and plants in its territory (the same “Roshen”). Russia could be closed to our markets and bring down our economy (if losing access to a small Crimea so affected Ukrainian producers, imagine what would happen if Russia cut off the enormous Russian market!).

But the “occupier” isn’t doing any such things. The “Kraina aggressor” gives us a discount on gas, and supplies us with electricity, and takes a million of our refugees.

As the great philosopher Winnie the Pooh once said – “These are not the right bees.” Absolutely the same way with us: This is not the right aggressor.

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