Ukraine Official: Help ISIS take revenge on Russian soldiers in Syria


October 7th, 2015 – 

By: rusvesna – 

Translated for
Fort Russ by Paul Siebert 

Member of the board of the Interior
Ministry of Ukraine, former adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of
Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko on his Facebook page called on everyone to collect the
data on the Russian citizens taking part in the Russian operation in Syria in
order to place them on the “The Peacemaker” website, which contains
information about the enemies of Ukraine.

He presented a letter allegedly from one
of his followers in the social network, in which he said that the Russian
television almost every day was showing support personnel servicing the Russian
planes involved in the destruction of terrorists in Syria. He suggested that
these people could be identified by the ISIS militants located in Russia.

After that the Ukrainian politician
invited all people having information about the Russians involved in the
operation against terrorists to send this information to the
“Peacemaker” website.

In his opinion, this should be done,
because Russia “is waging an undeclared war against the Syrian people”.

The “Peacemaker” website
received the notoriety after the scandal over the murder of the Ukrainian journalist
Oles Buzina, whose details appeared on this website a few days before his

This morning Gerashchenko, seeing the
kind of reaction caused by his inadequate idea removed his account from the
social network.

However, this is the typical behavior of
Ukrainian statesmen —
first to make something stupid and then pretend that nothing had happened.

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