Ukrainian diplomat attacks Crimean politician with coffee in Poland


Andre Deshitsa: “Putin is a dickhead” (recorded in 2014)

October 1, 2015

Blogger Da_Dzi

Translated by K. Rus

The second heroic deed of Deshitsa

TASS: Members of the Ukrainian delegation poured coffee over the deputy Prime Minister of Crimea at the OSCE conference in Warsaw

Deshitsa again won a crushing victory over the Russian Federation! Now with the help of coffee! 

Representatives of the Ukrainian delegation deliberately poured coffee on the deputy prime minister of Crimea, Dmitry Polonsky, who took part in the OSCE conference in Warsaw. The ‘special operation’ was personally organized by the ambassador of Ukraine to Poland, Andrey Deshitsa, said Polonsky to “Kryminform”.

Crimean authorities called the accusations of Poland about the forgery of passports by Dmitry Polonsky “stupid”.

“I gave an interview to one paper. At this time they pointed to a nearby Deshitsa, who was giving instructions to a camera crew. At the end of the interview, I headed to the hall. A young man with a cup of coffee passed me and ‘accidentally’ spilt it on me <…> I said, “Young man, does the act that humiliates you make you happy?” – “Of course, I am happy,” – he replied,” – told Polonsky to Kryminform.

According to him, after the incident with the coffee, Deshitsa “went to make a comment to his [Ukrainian] channel”.

This is it! Crimea is won! Deshitsa with a coffee grenade retaliated for Ukraine!

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