Ukrainian Parliament introduced a bill to ban all Russian geographic names starting from the XIV century


Yelisavetgrad, Russian Empire (now Kirovograd, Kherson region, Ukraine)

October 30, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

Bill No. 3368 was registered in the Verkhovnaya Rada, which prohibits to name Ukrainian cities and streets in honor of anything associated with Russian history since the XIV century until 1917.

This was posted on the official website of the Verkhovnaya Rada of Ukraine.

As stated in the draft law, it is prohibited to assign geographical objects names which are the names or nicknames of monarchs, state, political and military leaders of the Russian (Moscow) Kingdom, the Russian Empire of the XIV-XX centuries, or derivatives of them; the names, consonant with such names or pseudonyms; names, which include elements of the titles of the monarchs of the Russian (Moscow) Kingdom, the Russian Empire of the XIV-XX centuries.

“So the laws regarding totalitarian regimes and fighters for independence really meet the standards of European practices, it is expedient to prohibit the assignment to geographic objects of names associated with propaganda of pro-Russian imperialism, Russian (Moscow) Kingdom, the Russian Empire of the XIV-XX centuries, during the colonial dependence of Ukraine, which may facilitate the intention to appropriate its territory”, — say the authors of the bill.

Among the authors of the project — deputies from all four factions of the ruling right wing nationalistic coalition.

Obviously, the project aims to prevent renaming of Kirovograd to Yelisavetgrad. Although formally the city of Yelisavetgrad was originally not named in honor of the Empress Elizabeth, but in honor of Saint Elizabeth – the saint patron of the Empress.

Thus, the name Yelisavetgrad may be officially banned.

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