Ukrainian police reform: stars are out, daisies are in


October 24, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

Stars will disappear from the shoulder straps of the Ukrainian law enforcement officers — symbols used by the security forces of most countries. About the introduction of the new insignia wrote the police chief of the Kiev region Vadim Trojan in his Facebook.

“Finally we will remove the stars from the shoulder straps,” – wrote the official. However, he did not explain the reason for the replacement.

Journalists and social media users went abuzz. In their view, the new symbols resemble daisies or snowflakes.

Alexander Zubov: “What’s the difference? Stars or daisies, they will just spend the money, but the essence will not change.”

Igor Gorobinchenko: “Nonsense, imitation of reforms.”

Fedor Karimov: “How about sandals with bells? Well, to completely cleanse the old ranks … What’s next? Flowers on the doors of police cars. Well, to be closer to the common folk. To entertain the crowd on holidays. Oh, they should dance at the intersections”.

Irina Frolova: “Shame! Daisies are not a distinctive sign of a security structure. He who forgets the past has no future. Just more money laundering”.

Vladimir Revenko: “These “daisies” were introduced in 2001, only the layout was horizontal. Then for the arrival of the Pope they urgently changed the uniforms of all the Kiev law enforcement. And somehow “corporal” sounds strange”.

On November 7, de jure, the old “militsia” will cease to exist in Ukraine. The process of turning it into police will take about six months. According to the estimates of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Arsen Avakov, the new uniform for 150 thousand police officers will cost the Ukrainian treasury 890-900 million UAH.

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