Ukrainization = dehumanization: a personal reflection on mass psychosis in Ukraine


November 1, 2015 –

Aleksandr Rostovtsev, PolitNavigator – 

Translated for Fort Russ by J. Arnoldski

“Dehumanization as a national catastrophe” 

It should already be time to get used to things, but I simply can’t as I am constantly faced with the massive orgy of “non-humans” over dead people. The catastrophe of the Russian airliner somewhere over Egypt blew the seats off the toilets of Ukrainian social network contingents and other contingents sympathetic to them. It should already be time to get used to things, but every time that I’m faced with a flood of sewage sludge that flows from the TV screen and computer monitor from the vilest depths of the human gut, I shudder and loathe. Somehow it’s impossible be so hardened that you deal with such things indifferently, shrug, and turn away.

It’s not even the first time. And it didn’t just start yesterday. Or last year…The loss of lives as a result of the accident in the Moscow metro; the throwing around of photographs depicting piles of bodies of militiamen killed during the first attempt at storming the Donetsk Airport; bloody May 9 in Mariupol; the massive, bestial massacre of “Kulikovtsy” on May 2 in Odessa; the murder and humiliation of employees of the police and internal troops on the second Maidan; the medieval show of mocking dissent for the dear public; and comments like “a Rus knocked off,” “a Colorado fried,” “stab the Moskal,” and “Crimea and Donbass – either Ukrainian or depopulated.” Once the bottom is reached, the bottom is knocked out and broken, then the abyss! The competition is who can quicker and to a greater extent than the others force the human out of himself, free himself from the Chimera of conscience, and transform internally into an ugly monster, like Alien from the fantastic thriller movie. It follows that we should recognize and realize that the Ukrainization of the population of the former USSR has become a Banderization with the dehumanization and obtaining of a crowd of mindless robots in the framework of the program “Ukraine is not Russia.”

It’s possible to rewind events back a few years and with a bit of effort find comments about the residents of Eastern Ukraine after the victory of Maidan-1 not covered by the euphoria of Yushchenko’s victory in the fraudulent “third round.” Already back then they called Crimeans “agents of Moscow”, and the residents of Donbass “slaves” and “Akhmetov’s shrews.” And five years ago, when there was a peaceful transfer of power from the sick Yushchenko to the thieving Professor, when a new Maidan with Eurointegration couldn’t even be smelled, there was a mass emission of crap across social networks on the occasion of the death of miners: “slaves went to visit Shubin,” “Why not everyone at once?” and “Pity that there wasn’t their swine with their brood”…Dehumanization was already a lushly blooming flower and the berries were in reach.

What’s worst of all is that those rejoicing and dancing over corpses are not some kind of bitten Transylvanian vampires, not rotten Banderites who have miraculously survived and come out of their hideouts, and not galvanized fascists a slew of which are from the autoclaves of Wolfenstein castle. These are people – not only ethnic Ukrainians, and not all of them come from the Western regions, and even less of them have Banderite heritage. These are people formerly from the same cultural matrix as us. Originating from the Soviet Union, they became pioneers around the Eternal Flame or on the Street of Glory; they wrote essays about Prince Andrey Bolkonsky on the fields of Austerlitz or the persistence of the 28 Panfilov heroes, and wrote  “Human – that sounds proud.” These people, together with us, ran to the cinema for Shurik and “Only Old Men are Going to Battle”, laughed at the circus characters of Nikulin with Shuydin, sang and played “Dreams come true” and “There where the maple rustles” on the guitar on the porch. Their fathers and grandfathers, together with ours, went on desperate counterattacks outside Kastornoye, their last strength given in one of the summer cauldrons of terrifying 1941, and buried in mass graves.

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What became of these people and their children? For what sake have they abandoned everything meaningful they did in their lives? Why have they abandoned their very own people?

For year after year, day after day, 24 hours a day, the brainwashing machine of dehumanization has been doing its job: the masses of people created in the old days or by parental discipline, who resisted the onslaught of shit from the outside, were washed away and destroyed. There are no “new Ukrainians” – there is a crowd of mindless robots ready to rejoice at death and suffering. For them, no kind of Russia will ever be good. Neither that which is trying to live next to them in peace and harmony, nor a Russia which firmly protects its vital interests. They will accept only one Russia, one which has a hand of abundance, giving freely, not requiring anything in return, and which silently allows itself to be pushed around and have its feet knocked out from under it. These are no special networks of Banderites. These are citizens of Ukraine with heads and spirits which are clogged with manure. 

It follows that Russia should open its eyes more widely. They can’t bomb Russia, fight it, or win its natural resources. For already a quarter century, they have tried to bend and liquor it up to be in the same condition…that Ukraine has already turned into, where ordinary people bring their children to and applaud at torchlit processions of Right Sector, sig heil, sing “lalala,” and call to raise knives against the Moskal. Meanwhile, they peacefully get along with schizophrenia of “Where did you see fascists?” in one head.

This means that it’s impossible to keep throwing hands up and groaning pitifully “but they themselves aren’t aware of what they’re doing!”

They are still unaware.

And when streams of cannibalistic joy spew across social networks and in the media on the occasion of a massive loss of life, when killing people on the Maidan, organizing the slaughter of Crimeans near Korsun, burning Odessa federalists, and when looters and punitive forces arrive to rebellious Donbass – at this point it’s not possible to talk with these dehumanized robots or appeal to a sense of right or lumps of poetry in their spider souls. In this case, a single shot in the leg replaces three hours of educational conversation. 

They say that night is specially dark before dawn. The dead of night has stretched over Ukraine. It is unclear how long this will last and what shocks are waiting for its citizens with the arrival of the coming hangover. Not everyone in Ukraine has turned into an alien or insect. Today, ordinary, good people are gathering in different cities. They are able to have empathy. They are preserving humanity and what is kindred in themselves. They are bringing flowers and lighting candles near the Russian Embassy and in those memorable places historically associated with Russia. 

One wants to believe that these people, especially the youth, are seeds for a future Ukraine. After all, robots and corpse-rejoicers can’t win once and for all…

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