US & Russia Agree on ‘safe distance’ of planes in Syria

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October 20th 2015 – – Translated for Fort Russ by Soviet Bear – 

Russia and the U.S. agreed on the safe distance
between planes in Syria, a Memorandum of flights came into force, said Pentagon
spokesman Peter Cook.


Cook refused to
elaborate on what kind of distance we are talking about. On the question of how
the communication will be organized between the pilots in case of convergence,
he answered – “They should not get too close to use those protocols”.
According to Cook, the text of the Memorandum will not be distributed “at
the request of the Russian side”. “Such a request was made, I don’t
know what the reasons are”, – said the representative of the Pentagon.

Cook confirmed the
entry into force of the “Memorandum of understanding” between Russia and USA in
Syria.  “With the signing of this
Memorandum it entered into force,” he said.

“The Memorandum
includes specific security protocols to be followed by crews. These protocols
include: professional behavior of pilots in any time, the use of specific
frequencies for communication, the establishment of lines of communication on
the ground. USA and Russia will form a working group to discuss any questions
on implementation in the future” said Cook.

He emphasized the
limited nature of the Memorandum. “The Memorandum of understanding does
not involve areas of cooperation, intelligence sharing or information sharing
about the objectives in Syria,” said Cook. He added that the signing of
the Memorandum “is not a collaboration or support of Russia’s policies or
actions in Syria”.

“We continue to
believe that the Russian strategy in Syria is counterproductive, and their
support of the Assad regime will only worsen the Syrian civil war”, –
concluded the representative of the Pentagon.

USA and Russia will
form a working group on the implementation of the Memorandum on safe flights in

Earlier on Tuesday the
Russian Deputy defense Minister Anatoly Antonov said that the Memorandum on
safe flights in Syria, signed by Russia and the United States regulates the
actions of all aircraft and drones in Syrian airspace.

The Russian defense
Ministry received the Memorandum on the prevention of air incidents in Syria received
from the U.S. military this morning.

On Saturday, the Deputy
defense Minister Anatoly Antonov stated that the Memorandum on safety of Russian
flights in Syria, concluded by the ministries of defense of Russia and the USA,
can be a “starting point” in the possible extension of cooperation
between the two countries.

On October 6, the
official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that
the us military can contact Russian colleagues at any time, the Russian defense
Ministry is unprecedentedly open in the operation in Syria.

On October 5, the
Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov said that all the actions
of the Russian aviation in Syria are made public.

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