Video: Russian Sorties decimate ISIS


October 2nd, 2015 – 

Fort Russ – Russian Ministry of Defense – 

On October 2, in the course of the day, the Russian air grouping continued making pinpoint strikes at the “Islamic State” international terrorist grouping. 

Su-34, Su-24M and Su-25 aircraft carried out 14 sorties from the Hmeymim air base attacking 6 ISIS objects.
At Maarrat Al-Nuuman (Idlib), Su-25 attack aircraft completely destroyed a large workshop aimed for production of bombs and improvised explosive devices and disguised as a plant for gas cylinders.

Terrorist base for armament and military equipment was also eliminated. As a result of an air strike, over ten pieces of military hardware including infantry fighting vehicles were burnt down.

In Al-Latamna district (Hamah), Su-34 bombers equipped with guided air bombs blew up a militants’ underground HQ. The command centre and its ground facilities are destroyed according to the objective monitoring data. 

Moreover, Su-25 aircraft engaged two bunkers at the same district. There were situated command centres of militant units and depots of terrorists. Munitions of one of the depots detonated and caused their total destruction. 

At the Hann Sayhun district (Idlib), pinpoint strikes of Su-24M and Su-25 attack aircraft eliminated a command centre of the ISIS armed groupings.

The targeting accuracy of the Russian air grouping in Syria was achieved by usage of aircraft within the reconnaissance-strike complex.


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