Watching the Sociopathology of US War-Criminality in real-time [video]

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October 3rd, 2015

Watchdog Media Institute – Chris Nolan & Joaquin Flores for Fort Russ

After Russian airstrikes in Syria, manic and maniacal US politicians propose no-fly zones to protect forces trying to overthrow the Syrian government.

The sociopathological hypocrisy and war-mongering of the dying US empire reveals what is left of its leadership and policy:  It is an infected and puss filled cyst, embodied in the personages of Clinton, Cotton, Fiorina, and McCain. 

Attempting to confuse the US public or enrage the international community, they go on as if it is not the US which is acting without mandate in Syria.  It is the US that does not have any official standing, any invitation from the Syrian government to act. 

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