Who does the US airforce help in Afghanistan?

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October 6th, 2015 – 

Dmitry Verkhoturov afghanistan.ru

Translated for Fort Russ by Soviet Bear – 

combat with terrorist groups in recent days, in connection with the beginning
of air operation of the Aerospace forces of Russia in Syria against militants
of the “Islamic state” itself became the subject of fierce political propaganda war. 

US, UK and their allies demand that
Russia cease attacks on the positions of militants opposing the government of
Bashar al-Assad, and even released statements into circulation that allegedly
the Russian air force launches strikes on residential areas. 

On October 3, 2015
British defense Secretary Michael Fallon made such a statement, despite the
fact that the Russian defense Ministry promptly provides any information about
damage of the strikes and their results. 

However, the assertive tone of the
accusations against Russia didn’t last for long. It was struck, almost literally bombed by
the U.S. air force. On the night of October 3, hospital of the international
organization “Doctors without borders”, situated in Kunduz was under
attack. The hospital was attacked by
Taliban gunmen on September 28 — October 1, 2015. 

The organization
“Doctors without borders” , confirmed the death of 9 doctors on
October 3. 37 people, including 19 medical personnel were injured. As the United
States is the only side possessing attack aircraft in Afghanistan the, American
representatives did not deny their involvement, however, they tried to make an attempt
to mitigate their responsibility. 

“The strike may have inflicted collateral
damage to nearby healthcare facility. The incident is being investigated,”
— said the representative of the NATO forces in Afghanistan Colonel Brian

The first question is the feasibility of the strike. By October 3 the
fighting in Kunduz was almost over, the Taliban attack was repelled and Afghan
security forces conducted a sweep operation of the city and searched for
remaining militants. According to reports, fighting has been taking place away
from the city, in the districts of Kunduz province. The stranger thing is the
use of air strikes in densely populated and densely built-up city where even
when the precision munitions does not guarantee the security of civilians. 

Afghanistan, this is not the first case of air strikes on civilians and Afghani
troops. American planes bombed the peaceful homes, markets, wedding parties,
and in September 2015 even bombed a convoy of Afghan narcotic police, was
nominated for another operation to destroy drug crops in the Sangin district of
Helmand province. The negation of involvement in this strike by the NATO
command, despite all the evidence outraged the Afghani public so much that
there is even now a belief that Americans do not want to eliminate drug
production in Afghanistan, particularly in the Sangin district aka ” the
drug stock market”. 

Numerous cases of such bombings, and especially the
bombing of the hospital in Kunduz, no longer allow us to support the story of
‘they hit it by mistake”. You can make mistakes once or twice, but not
dozens of times.   For the Aerospace
forces of Russia in Syria, errors are not allowed despite the intensity of airstrikes. 

The reason for this – a tradition which was formed during the great Patriotic
war practice of conducting combat operations by aircraft. Then, during the war,
the target was first photographed by a reconnaissance aircraft, then the strike
was conducted (and the commander of the attacking squadron was obliged to
conduct monitoring of results), and then the results of the airstrike were once
again photographed by the reconnaissance aircraft. Now, the technique has
received significant development, but its essence remains the same: careful
target selection and multi-level control of combat mission. 

Targets are acquired
by satellites, reconnaissance aircraft, and, judging by the fact that the
defense Ministry in its report specifies the purpose of any destroyed objects, land-based recon is also being used. Then, when performing a flight task, all
actions of the pilot and the work of all onboard systems will be recorded by
special devices and then analyzed at the airbase. This is objective
verification that the defense Ministry always refers to in their

The pilot could not say that he was wrong, because the analysis
of the records will show where he was aiming and was it intended to destroy the
target. Finally, the results of the impact are recorded by a drone-aircraft,
and the records of the strikes are displayed to the defense Ministry. Most
interesting is that the accuracy of the airstrikes is confirmed by the
militants of the “Islamic state”. 

Of course, we cannot say that the well-equipped
U.S. air force has no similar system of intelligence and objective control. Of
course, there is. But the cases of attacks against civilian targets like a
hospital in Kunduz, clearly suggests that either this system is not used, or
civilian were deliberately chosen as targets for destruction. If this was not
the case, errors in selection of targets would have been  eliminated a long time ago, and they would be
few exceptions. 

In the first case, this is irresponsibility of the command of
the U.S. air force and the crews, indifference to the civilian population on the
ground, and the second – deliberately criminal orders. In my opinion, the first
option, that is irresponsibility and its consequences: the neglect of reconnaissance,
the unclear formulation of combat tasks, excessive independence of pilots in
the air, and a general tendency by all means to cover up their pilots. 

With no
clear military objectives, pre-surveyed targets, knowledge of the overall
situation on the ground, coordination with Afghan forces, the pilot could confuse
the hospital in the night city with a gathering of militants. The crowds, the
traffic, the movement on the screen of the imager is very similar to the combat

The next morning the pilot learns that he bombed a hospital. This is
irresponsibility has also a political goal. The negative effect of the bombing
of civilians was so strong and sharp that the improvement of U.S. air force work
in Afghanistan has been expected. But it never happened. Moreover, new attacks
on civilians as the hospital in Kunduz have occured. Therefore, there factors
that are more important for Americans than the dissatisfaction of Afghan

We can assume that it is a kind of support for the Taliban. Air
strikes on the civilian population provoke anger, hatred of government,
cooperating with the Americans, and pushes civilians right into the hands of
the Taliban. The bombing of the hospital, undoubtedly, will cause a wave of
rumors and many will push to the Taliban and will make others hostile to the

The credibility and morale of the Afghan security forces will
decrease. This logic explains the curious fact of continuing “wrong”
strikes of the US air force: it is in the interests of the Taliban

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