Yatsenyuk: Ruling the poor is easy


October 5th, 2015 – 

Pravda.ru – Translated for Fort Russ by Paul Siebert – 

 ** Yatsenyuk promised the crowds on the Maidan to take a bullet to the head if he failed to make good on his other promises.  Will he? – .ed **

Yatsenyuk will take his
responsibility to the pawnshop 

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said he is willing to bear
responsibility for the impoverishment of the population. And now the Ukrainians
are wondering: where would he take this responsibility to? Some say — to the Caribbean, while others believe
that he would take it to the pawnshop: one can take everything there and
receive money. And it is absolutely in the spirit of the Ukrainian Prime

is easy to rule the poor”.

 A growing number of Ukrainians are crossing
the poverty line. Experts unanimously call humiliation an increase in social
standards starting from 1 September by 13 percent. Since December 2013 even the
official inflation has been 72 percent! And even more unofficially.

figures take into account changes in prices on the cheapest goods of mainly domestic
production, – says an economist Andrew Martyniuk. – Therefore, these figures
are very far from reality, and in fact, the rise in prices amounts to no less
than 100 percent. In such circumstances, an increase in social standards by 13
percent looks like downright mockery”.  

government is deliberately not raising the official minimum of subsistence so
as not to revise minimum pensions and wages, – says the President of the
Ukrainian Analytical Center Alexander Okhrimenko. – On the one hand, everything
seems to be well: wages and pensions are not below the subsistence level (from
September 1, 2015 year — 1330 Hryvnias or $ 60).

the other hand, everybody understands that with this money there is not much
people can afford to buy, because 100 hryvnia in Ukraine is not money any more. And
in addition to “budget savings” this gives another advantage: it is very
easy to rule the poor.

the number of such “easily ruled” people in Ukraine is growing. According to
the Head of the Department of living standards research at the Institute of Demography and Social Studies Ludmila
Cherenko, officially, the number of Ukrainians living below the poverty line is
about 7 percent, and in reality – the figure is four times higher.

minimal salary is not enough even for food. Ukrainians undertake herculean
efforts to survive, minimizing their diet. But it is a very difficult task to
accomplish, because at current prices the entire minimal pension and salary is
used on the cheapest food.

277 grams of bread, 260 grams of potatoes, 13 grams of butter, 9 grams of cheese and 5 grams of fat — in Ukraine this is a daily norm of food for a grown-up able-bodied
person. For pensioners it is even less — they’ve outlived their

life of Ukrainian families, according to the idea of the Ukrainian Cabinet of
Ministers, should be arranged as follows: furniture is bought for 25 years,
refrigerator – for 15 years, washing machine (a cheaper version) – for 14
years, TV set – for 10 years.

It is
even worse with the outward appearance of the population. For example, adults are
expected to visit a hairdresser 4 times a year and children up to 6 years –
once in 2.5 years. It’s hard to imagine a child who did not have his hair cut,
for example, in the period from 2 to 4.5 years ..

norms for buying clothes are also impressive: one coat for 8 years (for pensioners
– 10 years), one dressing gown for 5 years, one sweater for 3 years. The Ukrainian
government has also taken care of recreation – how can anyone live without it?
The norm includes a swimsuit for women for 4 years and swimming trunks for men
for 10 years. Pensioners, by the way, are considered unworthy of such luxuries,
after all, there is certain logic to it: where is the dough coming from to
travel to the seaside?

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2016 will be tailored according to the requirements of the IMF.

fact, the budget of Ukraine
will be adopted by the IMF, – says Alexander Okhrimenko. – It will have the
same parameters — cutting of wages and pensions, considerable
inflation, decline in GDP. The IMF is trying to minimize the budgetary deficit,
and is ready to totally ruin the Ukrainian economy.

no improvement is expected in the country – one can judge it by pompous
statements of Yatsenyuk. In general, the Ukrainians have noticed the logic: the
more pathos in speeches of the Ukrainian prime minister, the deeper the abyss
into which the country is falling.

week ago, Yatsenyuk announced that he was ready to bear responsibility for the
impoverishment of the population. In particular, he was referring to a
draconian increase in tariffs for public utilities, after which, according to
expert estimates, the number of indigent in Ukraine grew 11 times.

authorities, including myself, as a Prime Minister, took political
responsibility and made political decision on the reform in the gas sector of
the country. And I will bear this responsibility”, – said proudly

in social networks responded instantly:

question is: where he will take this responsibility to? Probably, to the
pawnshop to try to get some benefit“.

“Oh, I’m afraid he would over strain himself with this heavy weight!”

think he is willing to bear this responsibility, but in another country and far
away from Ukraine”.

“I wonder what country he would choose to escape to? I think that he would
flee to the UK”.

do not forget to remind the Prime Minister: “Senya, you promised a bullet
to the forehead on Maidan if you failed to keep your promises! What about
keeping your word now …”. 

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