Zakharchenko: DPR needs transparency and communication


October 29, 2015 – 

Novorossia – 

Translated for Fort Russ by J. Arnoldski

The government of the Donetsk People’s Republic, in the conditions of armistice, should become more open for dialogue in order to convey its position to the public. The head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko, stated this to DAN today while commenting on the launch of his official page on the social network Facebook.

“Against the backdrop of a relative ceasefire, issues of economic restoration and political construction are becoming all the more acute. Moreover, I can say that the less war we have, the more politics we have. And with this words become weapons to an even greater degree. People are asking a lot of questions, and they should be answered,” the leader of the republic explained.

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Zakharchenko informed DAN of his plans to join the social network on October 22, when his website began work. According to the head of the DPR, the government of the republic as a whole “should become more transparent and understandable.”

“This includes opening my website and the creation of a Facebook page. We want people in Ukraine to see how we are rebuilding our cities and villages, what our achievements are, and what challenges we encounter,” Zakharchenko emphasized.

He added that without active information politics, including the use of social networks, it would be difficult to resist stereotypes spread by Kiev’s propaganda. 

“I recall how one Ukrainian politician [Poroshenko – J. Arnoldski] said amidst the war: “Our children will go to school, and their children will sit in basements.” In this phrase, of course, “our children” means children in Ukraine, and “their children” means our children in Donbass. Now I can say that this politician hoped in vain,” the head of the DPR assured, “Our children in Donbass not only go to school, but they are learning everything normal, not sucking the finger of politically expedient history. And they’re studying their native language to the extent that is necessary in the opinion of their parents.” 

“This is why I would like to inform the public how things are in our republic, Ukraine, Russia, and the world in general by using modern tools of communication,” Zakharchenko concluded. 

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