Aidar soldier beat, raped 15 year-old “separatist daughter”, still at large in Kiev


November 3, 2015 – 

DNR24 – 

Translated for Fort Russ by J. Arnoldski 

According to information from the girl’s mother, with whom she appealed to mass media, on August 8 Grekov detained them at a checkpoint when the two of them fled by car from shelled Lugansk. The reason for detention was the participation of the former husband of the woman and the father of the child in combat operations on the side of the LPR.

“At first, they held us several hours in the heat in the area of the checkpoint, and then took us to some building…Then the interrogation began, led by Grekov. During the interrogation, he hit us on the cheeks and forced us to kneel and admit that we work for the LPR, even though we haven’t had any relationship with my ex-husband for 8 years,” Galina K said. 

According to her, late in the evening they locked her and her daughter in separate rooms: “For four days I didn’t know what’s going on with my child and what we are charged with. There wasn’t even any talk about a lawyer. On the 4th day, they let us go, and my daughter was in a deranged state. At the nearest Novoaydarsky hospital, doctors diagnosed my daughter with having traces of numerous beatings, a concussion, and having been brutally raped. 

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The local police persuaded us to write a statement, and already the next morning they literally forced me to have it done. There was a major and a colonel with badges from the Interior Ministry who came from Severodonetsk, but I don’t know their names. In the statement, my daughter said straightforwardly that he, Grekov, raped and beat her over four days.”

The reason why the family later decided to publicize the crime was an unexpected meeting with the Aidarist Grekov in Kiev. 

“I saw him with my own eyes in the center of Kiev. My daughter and I live there with my relative and any day she might meet this monster on the street. I understand that a case will be opened only in the case of more resonance, therefore I’ve have appealed to the media from the start,” Galina explained her actions.

“And we are ready to openly testify when a criminal case will be opened. We want to protect those who might become his victims in the future,” the woman added.

The woman promises to relay to the media a video clip in which Grekov drags the girl, in a dazed state and with bruises, across pavement.” 

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