Airbus: eleven crashes, ten years


This Airbus 300 was on fire on final approach to the Birmingham, Alabama airport in 2013, came down in a field and broke in two. No ISIL.

Le Parisien
October 31, 2015

Translated from French by Tom Winter

The crash on Saturday in the Egyptian Sinai, of an Airbus A-321 of a Russian charter company with 224 people on board, is the tenth accident of an Airbus over the past ten years. [There is at least one omission, as pictured above –Tr.]

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Twice previously a survivor was found in the wreckage, both times, it was a child.

  1. 3 May 2006. 113 people died in the fall of an A-320 of the Armenian company Armavia, while preparing to land at the Sochi airport of Sochi (Southern Russia).
  2. 9 July 2006. 140, including eight members of the crew, died when a Russian A-310 overshot the runway, crashed and caught fire on landing at Irkutsk (Siberia).
  3. 17 July 2007. 199 died when an A-320 of the Brazilian company TAM hit a warehouse in Sao Paulo Airport and caught fire.
  4. June 1, 2009. A-330 Air France flying from Rio to Paris crashes into the sea between Brazil and France, causing 228 deaths.
  5. 30 June 2009. A-310 of the Yemeni company Yemenia sinks off the Comoros shortly before landing in Moroni, causing 152 deaths. Only a teenager, 12 years old, survives.
  6. 12 May 2010. 103 died when an A-330 of the Libyan company Al Afriqiyah crashed at Tripoli airport. Only one survivor: a child of 8 years.
  7. 28 July 2010. A-321 of the Pakistani company Airblue crashed in Pakistan, in the hills close to Islamabad, with 150 people on board.
  8. 28 December 2014. A-320 of the Malaysian company AirAsia crashed in Indonesia with 162 people on board.
  9. 24 March 2015. A-320 of the German airline Germanwings crashed in the French Alps, killing its 150 occupants (including 72 Germans and 50 Spaniards). According to investigators, the airliner was deliberately rushed to the ground by its German co-pilot, who suffered from severe psychological disorders.
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