Alexander Boroday: “Ukraine will collapse no matter what” (Part 2)


(Continued from Part 1)

VF: Alright, let’s talk about your Volunteers’ Union of Donbass. What is it and why does it exist?

AB: I’ve already spoken many times about it, but I’ll repeat myself even though many of our documents are posted on our website.

The Volunteers’ Union of Donbass is as I would like to say a “veterans’ organization,” but the situation doesn’t allow such to be said because a “veterans’ organization” is an organization for those people who have finally fulfilled their mission.

This is union of volunteers, a union of those who are ready to fight for Russia, for the Russian World. There is such a modern concept. It is pretty vague, but, nevertheless, it has the right to exist. And it has all the claims! 

So this union is for those people who fought in Donbass, or somehow participated – whoever fought, whoever helped in a humanitarian way, whoever participated as a specialist, or as a medic for example.

This is a union of those people who contributed, and who have already or are now returning from the war, or who are getting ready to return from the war. And, therefore, they need to settle into domestic, Russian life. This union is primarily for citizens of the Russian Federation. 

Accordingly, volunteers, in a non-state sense, we’ll say, are not public servants. A volunteer’s activity, in some cases – sorry for the pathos – and his sacrificial heroism was performed not at the behest of the state, and therefore he is deprived of any kind of state aid. Therefore, volunteers should help each other. We just have to help ourselves. We are engaged in precisely this help. In particular, we provide medical aid to the wounded, and in particular we try to employ those who lost their jobs. We are solving all sorts of social problems. And, in fact, there are a lot of them. 

VF: That is, the organization is exclusively social.

AB: No one has gotten rid of post-war syndrome. This is, above all, a social, humanitarian organization.

VF: Well, many of you have been reassured. But many of you have been disappointed, as you said yourself that the mission has not been accomplished.

AB: Yes. The mission is not accomplished. Of course. The Volunteers’ Union is, to some extent, a mobilizing resource for when volunteers will be needed again. But now, in the current situation, volunteers in Donbass are a bit of a foreign element. Although the war is not happening, the volunteers came to fight en masse.


VF: Sorry, but this rings a bell. You said yourself that volunteers need to be given Russian citizenship.

AB: Yes.

VF: But they are volunteers…

AB: No, wait. There are volunteers and there are militiamen. Let’s break down these two terms. Volunteers are those who came. The others…the militiamen  are those who stood up in our ranks from among the local residents. They are residents of Donbass. 

VF: But the concept of a volunteer is not only limited to Russia. They even came from Spain.

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AB: There are volunteers from different countries. There are volunteers from the regions of Ukraine occupied by the Kiev junta. And these are also volunteers. And, of course, they need to be integrated into our society. And helping them is our task. And the first help for them, the most important, is help which only the state can provide, namely, helping them become citizens of the Russian Federation to give the opportunity to live and work here peacefully. This is the most important aspect of our work.

Well, as you know, a social organization is capable of certain kinds of legal actions and lobbying. And we, of course, have lobbied, and we will lobby on behalf of those citizens and persons who still have that horrific little blue passport in their hands….

In my opinion, with that state no longer existing in reality, they could obtain a normal, red passport with the two-headed eagle, a passport of the Russian Federation.

VF: This is what I wanted to clarify.

AB: Of course, this is part of our tasks. 


VF:… Tell me, what will happen next with this land which formerly housed the state of Ukraine?

Is there hope?

AB: Yes, I believe that we have hope. And we have confidence. I hope that Russia will, as a state, strengthen itself. And, accordingly, include into its orbit more and more of the land on which Russian people, by mentality and blood, live to this day.

Well, of course, Ukrainie is a considerable part of this territory included in that orbit. For this reason, but not only for this reason, I believe this. And it is my hope and my prediction.

And there is another fact. Ukraine, as a state, today doesn’t exist. There is a territory which is held together thanks to the organizational efforts of the West – organizational, military, and financial efforts. All sorts of things. It doesn’t even matter. These efforts are not capable of undoing the historical process. At any moment, Ukraine will fall apart no matter what. No matter what, the processes of collapse is continuing. At some point, they will burst into activity. At some point, they fade away from the public view and the public opinion. But they are in fact ongoing. They are continuing secretly and quietly, but they are ongoing.

At any moment, we will be faced with the situation of the disintegration of Ukraine into its component parts. That is, what is left of Ukraine into its component parts. 

VF: What does that mean? When America no longer wants to give away money? I’m not saying that their money is ending.

AB: Well, now, it’s not going to end…But if America no longer wishes to constantly sponsor the whole affair, then it will end at that moment.

But if this desire does not disappear, then the processes of disintegration of so-called Ukrainian statehood will continue. And money can not stop these processes. They can only slow them down. We see how these processes braked thanks to American money and other resources. This does not mean that the process is cancelled, has withdrawn, or disappeared. 

They are simply continuing, simply slower than if there wasn’t this money.

VF: And, unfortunately, people are perishing. 

AB: People will continue to perish. Slavs are perishing on both sides of the confrontation. And this does not improve the climate for the remainder of Kiev’s Ukraine.

VF: Well, alright. We will hope that everything will happen in our lifetime. We shall find out. Thank you. Goodbye.

AB: No problem. Goodbye. 

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