Alexander Rogers goes off: “Euromaidan ideology is – licking European and American toilets and bottoms”


Alexander Rogers

November 3, 2015

Alexander Rogers


Translated by Kristina Rus

KR: Ukrainian native’s Alexander Rogers highly emotional rant is representative of the sentiments of many disenchanted former and present residents of Ukraine

I come from a cultured family, and in my 35 years did not swear at all. But when it comes to degenerates there are no other words …

Periodically there are all sorts of imbeciles asking stupid questions like: “Why don’t you love Ukraine?”

I have f#cken nothing against Ukraine. I f#cking despise you, brainless monsters. Deceitful, cocky, despicable, cowardly, servile and corrupt mankurts.

Welcoming murders, justifying shellings, multiplying lies, eagerly and enthusiastically licking not only american bottoms, but also the bottoms of their puppets.

I’ve watched another video about the children, living for a year under shelling of pathetic whores, who call themselves patriots .. sucking everyone – pindosi [Americans], the oligarchs, their Nazi fuhrer wanna-be’s the type of Lyashko or Mosiychuk .. and f#ck it, that it is a virtual-energy sucking, the essence remains the same .. slaves, cowardly and vile .. bloodthirsty, hating those who dared to rebel against “American dominance” … 

“How not not to love America? Are you better then me? I lick bottoms and toilets, and you are to blame”! That’s the whole ideology of Euromaidan.

“Aydar” [battalion] has hairstyles of Turkish nomads .. ‘Manure’ [‘Navoz’ – rus. a play on “Azov” battalion] – cow feces .. “D#ck 1” [‘Huev 1’, meaning “Kiev-1” battalion] – another volunteer bydlolon [‘looser battalion’] …

Biaches, freaks, ready to drown several million people in blood, only so they can wash toilets in Europa .. sifilization, f#ck .. have you seen yourself in the mirror, pathetic ‘superior humans’? You are not an intermediate link between a Pithecanthropus and a human, you are worse – you are degenerates, Pithecanthropus had a chance to evolve, and you can not – only back to caves in your future … skins on naked body – traditional clothing of ancient ukies, you have already f#cking mastered the bats, pathetic degenerates.

Space – to hell! Industry – to hell! Science – to hell! Vyshivanka [traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirts], trousers, and spinning pig tails.

Vanuatu aboriginals were given visa-free regime with the EU, and you got d#ck! Because you’re worse than any savages! Savages kill only for food, and you – for fun .. Vita ‘wh#re’ Zablyaduha – is your Nazi-anal hero and idol! Or Lyashko .. and this criminal from “Shakhtersk”, who tied his balls with rope and shoved rubber d#cks into behinds … that’s your essence … you simply don’t have no other heroes!

Why are you killing children of Donbass?! For your NaZia? No f#cking nation is worth children’s deaths.

Thieves, rapists, extortionists, racketeers and sadists – this is an extremely accurate description of your entire punitive group, there are no sane people there … Even if someone relatively normal gets there (and normal ones run to Russia, because they have brains), he will loose his brains there .. finished bastards from looser-battalion “Manure” [Azov], all covered with swastikas and portraits of Hitler .. and Kiev whores continue to cluck “Where did you see the Nazis? It’s all Kremlin’s propaganda “

Fake cowardly whores ..

They are wrapped in flags .. yes, I f#cked your flag .. Tomorrow I’ll go buy 10 flags of the Ruin [Ukraine], cut them into pieces and will use after a bowel movement for its intended purpose .. they are, of course, worse than the toilet paper – the feces will slide, but a moral satisfaction will be complete … that’s the only way to treat Nazi flags … it was started by a musician from “Blodhaund gang” a couple of years ago, and we will continue.

They sing their anthem … “Has Not Yet Perished” … it already died and now it stinks, old hag, who for entire existence laid down under those who it considered the strongest – under the Mongols, then under the Swedes, then under the Germans .. but with a wreath on its head and in red boots – it’s a fetish.

To exchange the mighty USSR which mastered space for a cheap whore who sucks all, soon will also suck Vanuatu to get a visa-free regime, flee and f#cking love Ukraine from far away, as befits a real ukie .. For uk-Ruin-a –  is something non-existent, which can be loved only from sitting far away and not seeing the orgy that goes on there in reality.

You burned the oil depot and the CO2 content has risen above the norm for the gentle inhabitants of Kiev? Ah, ah, not nice! But to burn Odessa and bomb Donetsk is nice? You b#tches and bastards, degenerates and subhumans, immoral and unprincipled.

DPR karate team won first place in Turkey. And a team from uk-Ruin-a could not go because of the problems with money .. just kidding, actually when ‘raguli’ learned that Donetsk will be there, they started involuntary defecation, which has not ended yet .. imagine how the residents of bombarded Donetsk would rip the ukrop for all their troubles, and that’s what they had imagined.

You, cowardly bastards, in close combat only piss and poop, and get your but whipped, and therefore you only fight cowardly, from a distance, shelling, and after each response from the miners run crying to your Western masters: ” Big black master hurt us!” Morons, cowards and snitches.

By the way, on snitches. You beat all the world records, you are the most cowardly nation, one of the founders of UNA-UNSO once complained  to me that he had trouble with snitches, because they ratted everything and everyone.

“Bloomberg” put uk-Ruin-a in the five most miserable countries in the world and did it after the slutty whore-maidan, after, Carl! And only fully and permanently f#cked morons continue to hop “We won!” You have defeated the Darwin theory, you, imbeciles! This is not evolution, but a spontaneous degradation, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, bats, stones and a catapult! Which broke before the first shot, because to build a catapult you need to know physics, mathematics (geometry) and sopromat! But Banderites can only kill and destroy. They shit on the ruin.

You, Maidan imbeciles, in 25 years destroyed the Soviet economy of the Ukrainian Socialist Republic, which was estimated in 1991 prices at two trillion dollars and made Ukraine the ruin, the most miserable country in the world. Not Putin, not Muscovites – you did! And for that, you will find a rigid anal (and not only) payback!

You bitches, do not understand one thing, as all the single-celled organisms, you live only for today, and can not calculate the consequences.

Tomorrow, like the Georgian followers of ‘Srakoshvili’, you will be not wanted by your pindosi [American] masters, as it happened with this imbecile in Egypt, who came instead of Mubarak, as was the case with the Libyan bastards, as it happened with Saddam, who for many years faithfully served the USA, as it happened with “Al Qaeda” and Bin Laden, created by the United States and faithfully serving them, you will be disposed and forgotten, when US interests will switch to another focal point. Poroshenko may flee, as Srakoshvili fleed from Georgia, but the rest …

And then … then you, whores, will be left one on one with Odessa residents, with Zaporozhye residents, with Donetsk residents, with all those who are now forced to endure your bloody lawlessness and your asylum, and then you, whores, will be hung, stabbed and hammered with stones, and that is if you are very f#cken lucky.

And for now enjoy your last days in your filthy stinking fake complacency, we-are-Europeans, winners, coffins and creeps.

The motto of the first season was “Winter is coming”, the motto of this one is – “Everyone will die.”

P.S. I was born in the USSR. My family received a free apartment in the USSR. I got a wonderful Soviet education (I was lucky, I had old shcool teachers).

Ruin did not give me anything except endless shame for this finished-Nazi abomination, servile and cowardly.

Burn in hell!

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