Another French political party calls for an end to anti-Russian sanctions: Sarkozy’s party on same page with LePen’s


November 24, 2015

Translated from French by Tom Winter, November 25, 2015

The leader of the LR deputies called for putting an end to the economic sanctions against Russia. [LR — “Les Republicains.” UMP, the “Union pour un Mouvement Populaire,” changed its name in May. It’s Sarkozy’s party.  –tr]

“Makes no sense.” There is how Christian Jacob, chief of the LR deputies in the National Assembly characterized the prospective maintenance of the economic retaliation against Moscow. For him, the establishment of a real international coalition to combat Daesh, one that includes Russia, can’t happen if they keep up the status quo.

“With the Russians, it clearly comes to the question of the sanctions. I cannot imagine that we’ll have a coalition with the Russians, that we could be exchanging intel, military situations, and at the same time hanging on to the conomic sanctions. This would really make no sense,” declared Christian Jacob.


A challenge to President Hollande

The number one deputy of the party of Nicolas Sarkozy put the matter to the head of state: “He must give tangible signs of the evolving of his military-diplomatic strategy.” Translation: Christian Jacob is looking for François Hollande to change his attitude toward Moscow. “At present, it is obligatory that things be very clear,” he added.

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The deputy who speaks for the LR contingent in the Assembly wants a vast coalition put in place to fight terrorism. “We are favorable to an intervention in Syria in the framework of a grand coalition with a UN mandate and with a mobilization of the states in the region.”

But Christian Jacob’s reasoning leads him to ask how Russia could take part in an ensemble against the same enemy and at the same time as the EU, France included, “are refusing to export farm products to Russia.”

LR on same page with FN

The position taken by The Republicans has been held for some time already by several members of the National Front, including its vice-president, Florian Philippot. He repeated once more that he was “favorable to lifting the sanctions against Russia.” He even characterized them as “Diplomatic mistakes” and “Economic theater.” 

The chief of the party, Marine Le Pen, has already expressed, more than once, her disapproval of the decision to punish Russia economically. Last August, she declared “A real president would annul the anti-russian sanctions right now. La patronne du parti, Marine Le Pen, a déjà exprimé à plusieurs reprises sa désapprobation quant à la décision de punir la Russie économiquement. En août dernier, elle déclarait qu’un «vrai président annulerait immédiatement les sanctions contre la Russie». The tenant in the Elysée had to appreciate that.

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