Azov Members Arrested in Moscow


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ


10 members of the neo-nazi “Azov” battalion were detained for the smuggling and sale of weapons today in Moscow, reported Lifenews, citing a source in law enforcement.

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It is reported that among the captured soldiers of the battalion were a few Russian nationalists, who had lived in Ukraine the past six months.

“The Russian representatives were importing weapons of nationalist movements which have joined the” Azov “after the events on the Maidan. They were mostly traded combat pistols and rifles that were imported from Kiev to Moscow, and then spread to other regions of Russia “- a source told the channel.

A clamp down on all groups succeeded after several special services operatives were able to infiltrate the gang as buyers.

“Several addresses in Moscow were found , where members were of the group “Azov”, basically they are citizens of Russia, who joined them” – said the source.

The operation to arrest them was conducted by the FSB and the Interior Ministry of Russia GUUR.

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