BREAKING: Yarosh resigns from Right Sector leadership


November 11, 2015 –

By J. Arnoldski

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Numerous reports are surfacing across the web announcing the resignation of Dmitry Yarosh from his position as leader of the Ukrainian fascist organization Right Sector. Varying accounts are appearing which attribute Yarosh’s resignation to political reasons, health reasons, or a combination of the two, and different perspectives have been presented. Fort Russ is continuing to gather, analyze, and translate information while the smoke clears and the situation and its details become clearer. More information on this development should be expected shortly. As for now, here is the translation of Yarosh’s announcement of his resignation on his Facebook page:


On November 8, a conference of the senior staff of Right Sector was held in Kiev. Its purpose, as declared by the organizers – part of the RS leadership – was to arrange working materials for the preparation of a Ukraine-wide congress of Right Sector intended to become a unifying factor among Ukrainian patriots and prepare a revolutionary plan for countering external and internal enemies. But the organizers and some participants of the meeting took on illegitimate functions, including establishing a strategic directorate for developing Right Sector and electing another leadership, among which I was to be given the post of Guide. 

I have actively led Right Sector for the entire time of its existence, and I led the fighters of combat units in a national-state direction. The preservation of the state and its qualitative, revolutionary change for the benefit of the nation – this is the task that I set before ourselves and, subsequently, before the leadership of Right Sector, the Volunteer Ukrainian Corps, and the entire membership. For me, as for many of you, creating Tryzub was not a matter of empty words, but the meaning of life.

Forming volunteer corps, many of us were the first to take up arms and due to our ideas, sacrifice, and faith in Ukraine, we have become a model of military spirit and brotherhood. We believed in ourselves and Ukrainians believed in us. The help of volunteers and public support have enabled us to grow and fight. 

In most regions of Ukraine, people see Right Sector cells as their last hope for justice. They turn to us when they have nowhere to turn.

Having been wounded and requiring long time for treatment, I entrusted some of the control mechanisms of the movement to my closest associates, who had and have their own views on the evolution of the nationalist movement. My position does not always coincide with the aspirations of the leadership. 

As the leader, I am personally responsible for everything that happens in the organization, and I do not desire to place this responsibility on others. This is why I cannot be the “wedding general” of Right Sector. 

Thus, I must decline the proposal in which I was offered to lead the conference and the leadership, but I will remain a nationalist, a statesman, and a revolutionary. 

I would like to thank my colleagues for our common struggle, and I wish you all wisdom and inspiration in furthering the building of an independent Ukrainian state!

Glory to Ukraine!

Dmitry Yarosh”

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