Britain suspects a bomb caused Russian plane crash in Egypt, suspends flights to Sharm El-Sheikh


November 4, 2015


Translated by Krisitna Rus

The A321 airliner could have crashed in Egypt due to explosive device. London decided to postpone the flights from the UK to Sharm El-Sheikh, said the statement of the office of the British Prime Minister.

“While the investigation is ongoing, we cannot confidently say what caused the accident with the Russian plane. But as new data comes out, we fear that the cause of the accident could have been an explosive device”, – quotes RIA Novosti the message of the Prime Minister’s office.

“As a preventive measure, we decided that all flights departing today to Sharm El Sheikh from the UK will be postponed,” – report British authorities.

“This will give the team of the British experts, currently heading to Sharm, time to review security measures at the airport and inquire whether additional actions are needed. We expect that the inspection will be completed in the evening”, – stated in the message of office of the British Prime Minister.

“As for flights from the UK to Sharm, there are no more flights today”, – stated the message. The office of the Premier emphasized that all these measures are of a preventive nature, and the government is working closely with the airlines in this direction.

“We understand that this information may worry those who are in Sharm El-Sheikh and those who are planning to fly there in the next few days. We sent additional number of employees of the Consulate to Sharm El-Sheikh. They will help at the airport, working with airlines and helping British holidaymakers”, – said the office.

“Everyone else who is at the resorts of Sharm or planning a trip there, we recommend to contact the airline or a travel agency. At the moment we did not change our general travel recommendations”, – stated the message.

The British airlines agreed to delay the flights. British experts have arrived in Sharm El-Sheikh to assess the measures to ensure security at the airport and on flights.

The Prime Minister of Great Britain David Cameron held a meeting of the emergency COBRA Committee on the situation around the crash of the Russian aircraft A321 over the Sinai. The meeting involved representatives of the intelligence services, aviation authorities, ministry of transport and the British foreign office.

On Wednesday, the newspaper “Al-Masry al-Yaum” with reference to a judicial source in the commission investigating the incident, said the cause of the crash of the Russian airliner in the Sinai Peninsula was an explosion in the engine.

Airbus-321 of “Kogalymavia” took off early on Saturday morning from Sharm El Sheikh to St Petersburg and crashed over the Sinai Peninsula. On board there were 217 passengers and seven crew members. They all died. The cause of the accident is not yet clear.

According to some data, the plane disintegrated in the air. Russian transport authorities called a terrorist attack unlikely. Traces of explosive on fragments were not found on the plane.

The official representative of the government of Egypt Hussam al-Kavisha said that A321 disaster was likely due to a technical problem.

On Tuesday, the Egyptian medical examiner participating in the examination, stated that the nature of the damage to the bodies of the passengers A321 could point to an explosion on board before the collision with the ground. 

However, a source in the Center for forensic medical examination stated that a preliminary examination didn’t reveal explosive marks on the bodies of the victims of the crash.

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