Control through terror: America wants something from France


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

19th November, 2015


– Let’s continue the conversation about the terrorist attacks in Paris. Still, the migrants go not only to France, but many in Germany, and they are trying to get to the UK. But there, fortunately, nothing happens like anything what happened in France, and more than once this year. Do their intelligence agencies work better? There are other migrants?


– In the UK, it is another society. Despite the fact that in the UK radical Islam is preached in a lot of big mosques, and all the rest, there is fairly rigid public control. I will remind you that the United Kingdom recently acknowledged the existence of secret services. They have previously categorically denied this matter, despite the fact that they have existed since the eighteenth century at the latest, if not earlier. It used to be a different culture, very informal. The English intelligence services are working well. Many will recall that several years ago there were cases of riots involving migrant youth in Central London.

Few people know that after six months all the participants in these riots were identified. Those who were caught on camera with hoods and scarves were identified according to the testimony of others. How did they get this information, I don’t know, but perhaps perfectly civilized, as in Guantanamo or in a similar manner. In general, this information was obtained after 6 months of receiving nothing. If people just walked around and didn’t break any windows – yeah, right. Testify and you are free, after a very long and very unpleasant treatment. But if you did something illegal, in six months you would be caught. And all immigrant communities understand these signals very well.

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Germany is being drowned similar to what happened in France a generation ago. Prior to that, the German secret services worked well against migrants. I know this story from the mid 90’s, when one of the toughest ethnic mafias that exists came into conflict with the police. It was clear that the identification of leader of the mafia was completely transparent. As I was told by German police, the method was learnt from Moscow. They detained the man and two days passed before his identification was made known. Two days later he was released. And after only two weeks of this method they began to ask the police: maybe you need change something? Only after that they began to collaborate in limiting criminal gang members from emigrating. It was very hard work, but in the mid-90s it was possible. Now it is of course impossible. But nevertheless, if we do not learn from last year, the police will be afraid to contact the perpetrators, Muslims, simply because they have lawyers and police will be found to be guilty, and the police officer will be sacked and deprived of his pension. Prior to this Germany was quite honest to its citizens, to their migration.

But there is one important component. The deal is that France was a potentially independent country. Speaking blunty, when the terrorist attacks happened in France, everybody was in horror; saying that this could also happen to us, and now they’re saying that this is possible. And only the representatives of the American special services spoke and said: guys, don’t worry, in America its impossible as we are protected. In today’s world it is possible to say such a thing in only one case, if you have direct command over the terrorists or rather have indirect command. This happened before the elections, and during the elections anything can happen. And thus, they must have a very serious responsibility and a good understanding of the situation. 

Britain is a strategic ally of the USA, the smaller brother since even Churchill. And it is clear that she will do as you say. What dirt there is on Merkel, I don’t know, but Germany is completely under external control, or rather, Merkel is under external management, through Germany. And in France, there is a risk that France could copycat, and control through terror – this is modern management. The Americans need something from France. Maybe a ground operation in Syria, where their aims can oppose ours, where they will fight with Assad and not with the “Islamic State”. Maybe just a great obedience, great humility. I think that after this attack, I want to be wrong, I hope I’m wrong, but the feeling is that the Transatlantic partnership agreement will cause the trade and investment of European business to liquidate due to the US in the same way as the Eastern European market was eliminated . Merkel, Hollande, and France and Germany in general, have been sabotaging US plans due to their procrastination, but I think that in 2016 this will change following the attacks.

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