Did Russian regulator attempt to ban Boeing 737 due to possibility of remote destruction?


November 6, 2015

Blogger Dima Pitersky

Translated by Kristina Rus

Update: Russian aviation regulator, MAK [Interstate Aviation Committee] sent a letter to Rosaviation asking to recall the licence of Boeing 737 on November 5, 2015. On November 6, MAK recalled the letter, stating it will issue a new letter. 


Regarding the ban on flights in Russia of the entire fleet of Boeing 737. The version that seems most plausible.

The ban took place immediately after the disaster of A-321, in which, probably, our American ‘partners’ played a role. Judging by the fact that the crew did not even have time to signal distress it is possible that there has been a simultaneous impact of an explosive device on board, planted by the ‘moderate’ terrorists or direct agents of Western intelligence agencies and radio-electronic suppression executed from any of the American bases. But it’s all guesswork. HOW exactly they managed to destroy the Airbus, we don’t know (and may never know). But we know WHY.

Firstly, to frighten the Russian citizens and raise the tide of indignation against operations in Syria. Then they obviously miscalculated because the Russians are not those who can be intimidated – we are not Europeans, threats will only make us angry.

But this attack may well spoil relations between Russia and Egypt. The blame for the disaster falls on the security service of Sharm-al-Sheikh airport. Security, perhaps, is guilty, but, in fairness, it’s job is to protect passengers from terrorists, and not from U.S. intelligence, having much better capabilities. In any case, a heavy blow is dealt on tourism, one of the main pillars of Egyptian economy.

And of course, it is a blow to Russian-Egyptian relations, because civilians had died, and even if “they find the spoon”, the sour taste after such a tragedy will remain for a very long time.

In this case it was about the European Airbus A-321, which (it is hoped), not packed with various American gadgets and systems of interception management.

But as far as the Boeing… I’m ready to seriously consider various conspiracy theories, because from history, and from everyday life I know – the most incredible things sometimes do happen, and what seemed impossible yesterday, is considered quite mundane today.

But the conspiracy theory that I will never believe, as much as they try to convince me is that Americans can supply us with planes, and NOT load them with tools that allow remote intervention into the control of the aircraft and incapacitate it. This is impossible.

Civil aviation, in case of war, is automatically converted into military transport. To believe that the nation obsessed with espionage and known for its medieval treachery, had not foreseen the capability of disabling such an impressive fleet of a potential enemy, is impossible. It is not debatable.

This is the reason, I think, for the ban on Boeing. It’s about time. At least these planes must be thoroughly checked out. And never buy anything from Americans. Or from the Europeans. If anything, we can make planes ourselves, it’s not Coca-Cola.

Regarding some of our airlines suffering and even going bankrupt, I am personally not sorry for them. They shouldn’t have bought American planes. Should have bought Russian. These compradores may well pay themselves compensation from previously received American kickbacks and bribes.

P. S. It is possible that the destruction of A-321, the recent bankruptcy of “Transaero” and the ban on Boeing are tied in one knot. It is clear that the Russian authorities, allowing the purchase of American aircraft-traps, ‘privatizing’ airports in favor of unknown ‘owners’ and issuing licenses to carriers who have no relation to Russia, sabotaged one of the strategic sectors of the economy. Now, on the eve of a possible war, they came to their senses and decided to untie knot, but Americans want to tie it even tighter. There is neither time nor access to relevant information to dig for details. So sorry – just intuitive guesses.

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