Did “US Marines in Syria Discover Piles of Russian Bodies” ?


November 3rd. 2015 – 

Life News – Joaquin Flores

*(please read carefully)

Did US Marines in Syria discover piles of Russian bodies, perhaps from the various Russian private contractor companies working in Syria?

No, they did not.  This is presented as an important lesson in the information war.  We hope you read past the headlines, and did not share this without reading on a bit.  Misleading headlines which ‘plant the seed’ are precisely how media warfare operates. 

But there’s another problem too. Life News Russia ran a story today, a preview of some shots from the set from an upcoming episode of ‘Game of Thrones’.  

It’s amazing to see the lifelike bodies, isn’t it?  It makes us think about photos we were shown of “Assad’s Atrocities“(tm) from the early stages of the conflict.  We remember how Mother Agnes in Syria exposed the chemical weapons hoax, and the bodies of people, some of them children, were frozen and mummified corpses that the state department was using over and over again.  

Imagine being one of the people whose job it is to change the clothes of these thawing corpses, to be used in different staged photos, just to sell a war?  If hell exists, is there a special place in hell for people who do this sort of work? Macabre, indeed. 

I wonder how many shots of bodies we are shown consist of well painted mannequins.  Just remember this the next time you or someone says ‘I even saw the photos’. 

Here are other photos from the Life News story on the ‘Game of Thrones’ episode.  Chilling. 

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