Dmitry Yarosh resigned from the Right Sector to save his life


November 13, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

Rostislav Ishchenko: Yarosh decided to save his life

Dmitry Yarosh has resigned as head of the “Right sector” because he felt the coming collapse of the system and decided to save his life, said political analyst Rostislav Ishchenko on radio “Vesti”.

According to him, Yarosh will now lay low and be forgotten.

“The “Right sector” — it is not the largest Nazi organization in Ukraine. I believe that he, as a smart man, is trying to escape from this crumbling house, to escape responsibility before the time, when everyone will be chased, tried and hung. Yarosh will be somewhere if not outside the territory, but at least outside people’s memory. By that time, other criminals will emerge,” — said Ishchenko.

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